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At indywood.org, we are dedicated to connecting ardent readers to the professional piece of content written by passionate writers. The “Write for Us” page is the right platform to input your precious thoughts, and we will help you reach larger audiences at a global level. 

As the valued contributor and content writer, you are welcomed to join our team to educate thousands of worldwide readers with your precise perspectives. So, if you hold the skills to create informative and creative content for our readers, you are welcome to join our team of writers and Write for Us General content, news articles, product and website reviews.    

Suppose you think you can create informative articles for our reader base without grammatical errors and submit the articles timely. In that case, you are welcome to join our team to produce SEO-friendly and informative articles.  

What do We Do?

Indywood.org usually posts different niche topics and subject matters related to the latest news, product, and website reviews. 

We are focused on hiring the most talented brains and competent authors passionate about creating and enhancing the content for the website and the ardent reader base. Writers are urged to browse across the website to understand the topics covered on our website. 

What is Indywood.org Looking For?

Before you jump into the content writing domain and start writing Guest Post for a Product Review, you need to gather crucial knowledge about the type of content we generally post on indywood.org. 

So, we are searching for competent writers and authors with a firm grip over different niche topics and subject matters. It will help them create engaging, alluring, and information writer-ups for various niches, including Business, Technology, Health, Travel, Education, Sports, Marketing, Blogs, and Guest Post

Before you start writing for us, it is essential to know the content writing guidelines to create content with adherence. However, all approved articles, reviews, and guest posts will be Paid. So, why you are waiting for, access the guidelines and join the team to start earning from content writing.

Crucial Guidelines for Content Writing

Before you start to Write for Us Guest Post, you must understand the guidelines for creating informative and creative content for indywood.org. The guidelines for creating General Write for us Guest Post are mentioned below.  

  • The originality and uniqueness of the content must be checked carefully before sharing the content with us for publication.
  • The website indywood.org only focuses on sharing content related to the latest news, product, and website reviews. 
  • The word count for Gust Posts for General Topics must 1000+ words, and the content submitted must not comprise repetitive content or sentences as it leads to content rejection. 
  • Before submitting, it must be checked online for plagiarism-free and ensure it is 100% unique. 
  • Indywood.org holds the right to remove or add to the content before publishing it on the website. It is mandatory to heighten the readability of the content. 
  • The content shared by the authors may take some time to publish because the content undergoes expert reviewing and checking for the latest SEO guidelines before publishing.          

As you Submit Guest Post on the website, it is reviewed and checked by a professional to ensure it is grammatical-error-free, plagiarism-free, and 100% unique.

 As the content gets approved, the author is paid for the content. The content is also checked for its format and guidelines. If any necessary editing is needed, the team will update for essential changes before publishing. 

Complete Guidelines for Content Writing

The Guest Contributor Guidelines of indywood.org are stringent, and all content must be created in adherence to those guidelines. So, all writers and authors are urged to follow the rules before submitting the final content on the website. Therefore, all writers must learn the guidelines which are intending to Write for Us Guest Post.

  • The content and news articles must be grammatically strong without errors, and the contents must be 100% unique.
  • Content must have eye-catchy titles with headings and sub-headings to increase the readability and attract more readers to understand the subject matter. 
  • Apart from uniqueness and authenticity, content must be SEO-friendly and optimized with the proper use of keywords. 
  • The content comprises sections for Pros & Cons, features, specifications, and a valid conclusion.
  • No passive voice and repetitive sentences are entertained, and hence it must be avoided. 
  • The content must be written with active voice without errors. 
  • The content must be engaging, alluring, and informative.
  • The language of the content must be harmonious and inflow.   

These are the guidelines for Write for Us Blog and guest posts. All writers must follow these guidelines to create content for us.

How to Reach Us?

Anyone interested in applying for the profile of content writing at indywood.org must reach the content writing team at info@indywood{dot}org. Authors and writers are required to share some of their best writer-ups and samples, and as it gets approved, the team will share topics for evaluating the writing style and quality. 

As the samples get approved, writers will be hired for the content writing team. Then, they will start getting regular work, and payment will be released for all approved articles, reviews, and content. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, the “Write for Us” guidelines are clear, and now you can apply for the content writing profile at indywood.org via Productivity Write for Us page. We only accept informative and creative product reviews, website reviews, and the latest news articles on different niche topics. 

It is necessary to understand the writing process and guidelines before writing for us. Writers and authors must understand the writing format and create content accordingly to get a decent amount for writing at indywood.org. It is also urged that writers and authors share the information to their friends interested in writing career.