Complete Information About 5 Best Brands for Men’s Golf Apparel in 2023

5 Best Brands for Men’s Golf Apparel in 2023


You may not be able to play like a professional golfer, but you can definitely look like one. If you feel good about your appearance you might even play better!

Golfer’s clothing is a saturated marketplace with what seems like unlimited options. We can help you cut through all of the noise. 

Below we’ve highlighted our favorite brands for men’s golf apparel. We aren’t going to fix your slice, but we can improve your look. 

Top 5 Brands For Men’s Golf Apparel

We don’t care if you play in tournaments or simply enjoy weekend golf, we can improve your fashion on the 1st tee. The below brands stand out amongst their peers when it comes to men’s golf apparel.


Nike Golf busted onto the men’s golf apparel scene with Tiger Woods. We all need a red golf shirt with the swoosh hanging in the closet!

Nike offers a broad selection of men’s golf apparel that includes pants, shorts, golf polos, hoodies, pullovers, vests, jackets, and even golf-themed t-shirts. You can easily dress from head to toe in Nike men’s golf apparel.

Nike is known for making high-quality products that are designed to help you perform on the golf course. The “swoosh” logo is iconic and omnipresent on professional tours around the world. 

Nike is one of our favorite brands for men’s golf apparel for several reasons, but let’s focus on the most important. It’s never a bad thing to copy the style of the G.O.A.T.! 

We’ve all pretended to be Tiger Woods at Augusta hitting great shots to claim a green jacket. You might as well look the part – get some Nike men’s golf apparel today. 


If Nike is the most famous men’s golf apparel brand, Adidas is a close second. They offer a full line of clothing to help you deal with any conditions on the golf course. If you want to wear it, Adidas offers it.

Adidas brings two things to the men’s golf apparel table. Their products are stylish and designed to help you perform. They’ll keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Adidas understands that you play your best golf when you’re comfortable. Your scorecard should never be impacted by the clothes you have on.

Adidas makes great products, but the word that comes to mind when we hear “Adidas” is options. They offer what seems like endless choices related to colors and prints. Do you want hot pink shorts? Adidas has them. Do you want a unique-looking polo that’ll help you stand out on the driving range? Adidas has several to choose from. 


We get it. When you hear Lululemon you think yoga pants, not men’s golf apparel, right? This is one of the reasons we’ve included them on our list. 

You’ll be surprised to know that Lululemon offers a diverse list of men’s golf apparel. They offer classic-looking golf pants, polos, and pullovers. 

Lululemon is well-known for making high-quality apparel and their golf products have been designed for the player that wants to look classy, not flashy. One surefire way to make an impression with your weekend foursome is to show up wearing an alternative brand. 

Everywhere you look are players in classic golf brands, so maybe you want to switch it up with a great brand. Give Lululemon men’s golf apparel a look. 


Callaway is best known for their golf clubs and golf balls, but they also offer an impressive men’s golf apparel line that includes pants, shorts, polos, pullovers, jackets, and quarter zips. 

Callaway is a golf company and their clothes are designed to make you look like a golfer. It’s quite simple, they’re known for golf – they don’t do other sports or activities. They focus 100% on helping you get the little white ball into the hole.

Callaway made our list because we appreciate their approach. Golf isn’t a piece of their portfolio, it’s the entire thing. You can’t buy Callaway basketball shoes or Callaway baseball cleats. They love golf and create products for golfers. We support that vision. 


If the Nike “swoosh” is the most famous golf logo, the PUMA is close behind. To be honest, it’s our favorite golf logo. 

PUMA offers a full suite of men’s golf apparel. You can get that leaping cat logo on pants, shorts, polos, pullovers, and layering shirts. 

PUMA men’s golf apparel is fresh, young, and cool. Rickie Fowler has been their spokesperson for years and perfectly encapsulates the brand. As a kid his first love was motocross, but an injury steered him toward the golf course. Rickie brings some of that motocross swag to the golf course and PUMA apparel reflects this attitude.

PUMA offers bright and unique options. It takes some confidence to pull off some of their apparel, but we think you can do it. Men’s golf apparel could use more swag and PUMA is leading the charge. 

How To Choose The Brand For You

There are really only three factors you need to consider when selecting your men’s golf apparel. Price, style, and your golfing hero.

Price is always a factor when making a golf-related purchase. 

Who doesn’t love getting a great deal? Shop around a little and you’ll be able to find deals on men’s golf apparel. You can always select a product from last year’s line to get a discount.

Style is the most important factor. 

What do you want your look to say? We believe that when you feel confident you play better golf. It’s quite simple. Pick out apparel that you like such as golf hats and are comfortable wearing.. It doesn’t matter if your buddies like it – show off your personal style.

If you get stuck in analysis paralysis, dress like your favorite professional golfer. 

If you love Tiger, go with Nike. Are you still a Phil fan? Select some Callaway products. Are you a multi-sport athlete like Rickie? PUMA has great options. There’s nothing wrong with letting the world know who you cheer for when you turn on the PGA tour. 

“Look The Part” With The Best Men’s Golf Apparel

Just because you can’t break 100 doesn’t mean you can’t look good! Pick your outfit from our “top 5” brands and you’ll “look the part.” 

Fixing your golf swing will take years, but you can fix your golf fashion game overnight! Good luck and play well. 

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