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Bugs Bunny Token (Aug 2021) Know The Current Values Here

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Bugs Bunny Token (Aug 2021) Know The Current Values Here >> The guide shares details about the newly launched Cryptocurrency that aims to enhance the standards of digital payments. 

Cryptocurrency is for the profit of the investors. Every Crypto token launched on the exchanges aims to offer the highest profit to the investors, and Bugs Bunny is no exception. The new standard token on the digital payment gateway aims to become the next big thing on Binance and other major exchanges. 

Buy Bugs Bunny coin created by fans and start making a profit out of it. The ICO is starting on 9th August 202. So, multiply your income with the help of Bugs Bunny Token and keep reviewing your contribution on exchanges.

Investors from Turkey are eager for the token. 

What is Bugs Bunny Crypto Token?

Bugs Bunny is the newly launched Crypto token launched to become the new standard of digital payments. In addition, the token investors would benefit from higher returns due to the ICO benefits associated with the token. 

Investors in Turkey are eagerly waiting for the ICO to open the sale of the token. The ICO is all set to start from 9th August 2021 (7 PM). Your contribution would make a huge difference as your income starts multiplying with the coin’s progress.

So, invest as much as you can on Bugs Bunny Token, review the contribution on exchanges, and start making a profit.       

Who are the Founders of Bugs Bunny?

We have evaluated the website thoroughly and found no information about the founder, co-founder, and CEO of the Crypto token. The official website only confirms that the token is created by the Bugs Bunny Fans and the natural activators, and it seeks your contribution and support. 

The token has only seven holders, and hence it needs more contribution. You can buy it from ICO or donate.

What is the Market Cap, Supply Chain, and Live Price of Bugs Bunny Token?

  • As per the data available on Etherscan.io, the live market price of Bugs Bunny is $3 129.52. The token price has registered a hike of 0.42% in the last 24 hours. 
  • There is no information about the highest trading volume of tokens because the token is set to be launched for ICO sale on 9th August 2021. The trading volume data is not available.
  • After evaluating, we have found that the maximum circulating supply of the token is 100 000 000 000 BUNNY. Unfortunately, there is no information about the total circulating supply of Bugs Bunny Token.

How to Buy Bugs Bunny?

  • Investors of Bugs Bunny have to sign up for an official account on the website.
  • Share the email ID and password 
  • As the ICO sale starts on 9th August 2021
  • Investors can buy as many tokens as they want in the ICO when it is available. 
  • The token is also available for purchase on major exchanges with ticket BUNNY. 
  • Use the contract address 0x6a2c376e6704866c7e112084a77e16a954805e53 to buy Bugs Bunny Token on etherscan.io exchange


What is the official link of Bugs Bunny?

  • The official link of the token is https://bugstoken.com/

Which Contract Address to Use to Buy the Token?

  • Investors may either buy it from ICO or use 0x6a2c376e6704866c7e112084a77e16a954805e53 as the contract address to buy it from major exchanges

What Currency does it support?

  • Investors can use BTC, ETH, BNB, BCH, USDT, XRP, DASH, USDC, and other currencies. 


Bugs Bunny is the new Crypto token launched to take the standards of digital payment to the next level. The Crypto is available for sale on the ICO system, and investors can benefit from the investment because of the ICO benefits. 

However, Bugs Bunny Token is also available on major exchanges, and investors can buy it for future profits.

What is your opinion on this new Cryptocurrency? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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