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Cuántos Años Tiene Linkedin: Explore Details on Lizy Tagliani


Cuántos años Tiene LinkedIn and Lizy Tagliani on Twitter, and adoption journey adds warmth and humour to “La Peña de Morfi” debut episode.

Lizy Tagliani has resided in Buenos Aires. She worked as a hairdresser for various Argentine entertainment figures and performed in nightclubs in Buenos Aires. She gained Worldwide recognition and appeared on radio and television shows alongside notable personalities like Susana Giménez, Marcelo Tinelli, Santiago del Moro, and Veronica Lozano. Let’s check more about Cuántos años Tiene LinkedIn and Lizy Tagliani on Twitter.

About Cuántos años Tiene LinkedIn:

Lizy Tagliani has a limited presence on LinkedIn, having only 27 followers. Her LinkedIn profile did not include her career details. Tagliani, born on 12th/September/1970 in Resistance, Chaco, Argentina, is a renowned actress, comedian, and presenter. She is 53-years, 6-months, and 28-days old.

Tagliani gained a boost in 2014 as a contestant on Dancing For A Dream. Her stand-up comedy shows have received multiple awards, and she has also showcased her comedic talent on stage and television. In a 2018 interview, she discussed her decision not to change her name and gender on her national ID despite 2012 Gender Identity Law.

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Cuántos años Tiene Lizy Tagliani Relationship and Personal Life:

In April 2020, she announced her engagement to boyfriend Leo Alturria via Instagram. However, in June 2020, Tagliani tested positive for COVID-19 after an employee of her show, Fair Price, contracted virus.

Cuántos años Tiene Lizy Tagliani Relationship and Personal Life
Cuántos años Tiene Lizy Tagliani Relationship and Personal Life

Before fame, she worked behind scenes as a hairdresser before transitioning to on-camera roles after meeting Marcelo Tinelli. Tagliani had a cameo in comedy film I Married A Boludo (2016). Tagliani is an avid pet lover and frequently shares pictures of her dogs on Instagram. She began dating Leo Alturria, an amateur rugby player, in 2019.

About Cuántos años Tiene Twitter:

Tagliani has 10.3k followers on her Twitter page, where she shares pictures, videos, and discount offers related to her hairdressing profession.

“La Peña de Morfi” show, which aired on Telefe on 6th April 2024, saw a significant change with departure of Jesica Cirio. Ninth season of “La Peña de Morfi” premiered with Lizy Tagliani and Diego Leuco as hosts. This marked a significant transition following death of show’s creator, Gerardo Rozín, in March 2022. Debut episode featured laughter, music, and an emotional tribute to Rozín.

Tagliani expressed excitement about joining show and promised viewers a mix of entertainment and unexpected moments, which gained viwershio on Cuántos años Tiene Twitter. Episode featured special guests such as Lucky Ra and a tribute to Los cuatro de Córdoba, integrating folklore into program’s musical lineup. 

During episode, Tagliani also shared details about her ongoing adoption process. She expressed eagerness to become a mother and discussed her readiness to embrace parenthood. 

Awards and Recognition:

  1. VOS Awards 2015 and 2016 for Best Woman Humorist
  2. Carlos Awards-2015 for Women’s Debut of Season
  3. Concert Star Awards-2015 for Debut
  4. Carlos Awards-2016 for Best Women’s Humorous Work
  5. Concert Star Awards-2016 for Best Woman Humorist. However, Cuántos años Tiene LinkedIn did not featured any details of her awards!
  6. Sea Star Awards-2017 for Best Women’s Comic Work
  7. Martín Fierro Radio Awards-2017 for Best Humorous Work

Social media links:

Setting up expectations:

Throughout episode, hosts showcased a range of segments welcoming viewers, including cooking demonstrations and musical performances and setting tone for what audiences could expect. With her infectious energy and comedic talent, Tagliani brought a fresh perspective to program while honouring its legacy and memory of its creator, Gerardo Rozín.

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