Complete Information Cyber Security and the Way It Works

Cyber Security and the Way It Works


Cyber Security: Humans do everything in their possession to keep themselves secure and stay away from threats. From locking their cars in a garage to keeping their gold and money saved in bank lockers, we all feel the need to keep our possessions secure. However, in today’s online world, where everyone, including kids and adults, is active on social media, keeping your online identity is needed today more than ever. The way to secure your online identity is cyber security, what is it?

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is an application of technologies that keeps the online data of any individual locked and secured. Any individual who wishes to stay away from threats and feel assured regarding their information can opt for cyber security.

Cyber Security and Technical Terms 

Though cyber security provides one with protection against any online crime, it does have some technical terminologies that not everyone may be aware of. The following list concludes all the technical terms that fall under the basic cyber security grip:

  • Data Breach:

When a business’s or an individual’s data is stolen, it is referred to as a data breach technically. Majority of the time this act is done to gain personal or confidential information of banks or private companies to gain access to their revenues. Hackers are the people who perform such tasks.

  • Malware:

Software that enables a device or leads to malfunctioning is known as Malware. It affects the functioning of a device and it ends up being damaged. There are several Malware types available in the market now, which enables hackers to control a device even from afar. Hence, the way, which users use to avoid such issues, is by using antivirus software.

  • Backups:

The process of saving data in another device or file to save or protect it from thieves is known as a backup. It helps a user to save their data or information to be stolen. One of the famous ways people use to save their files is by using iCloud.

  • Cloud storage:

The online network is also known as cloud storage. If you save any file or data in cloud storage then it is automatically stored in several other servers as well.

The Need For Cyber Security

As everything has shifted its domain to an online world, it had made life easier than ever. The more the technology evolves, the better facilities we come in contact with. However, with every good thing, comes a drawback. All the opportunities aside, this online world has given rise to different hackers and thieves. Cyber security is a need now because it protects all categories of data from any kind of damage or theft. All the risk that has been overflowing through this global connectivity channel, the internet, has come under control with cyber security. Cyber security is important to keep your information assured and safe, regardless of your age, class, or area.

Internet and Safety

Just as the world begins to understand the many benefits of information technology, they also learn about the ‘dark side’ of these technologies. Alongside kids, teens and other seniors need to watch out for threats and keep themselves assured. 

Safety and Kids – Nowadays, with the use of mobile phones and other devices, kids can scroll through any content made available to them. To reduce the uncertainty about what they are watching, parental controls and different filters are introduced by apps to ensure the parents that the kids are getting quality content only. Parents must apply these filters and parental guidelines to the devices that their kids use so that they can access the right content for them. 

Hackers have their way here too and they have developed even stronger software for this. Parents must keep in check the content accessible to their kids. There are all categories of content available, including inappropriate and adult content. 

Safety and Teens – Parents should keep in check whether their children are accessing quality content and not going by any illegal means. Holding family discussions and letting them know about the online threats is very important. 

  • Teaching self–defense: Yes, learning online self-defense is as important as learning how to physically defend oneself. Parents should make their children understand the legal and illegal means. They should teach them all the internet essentials like bank transfers so that they don’t get caught up in any thievery. 
  • Phones out of the bedroom: Firstly, to keep kids away from a disturbed sleep cycle, do not let them use them before going to bed. Secondly, make some rules for your home and make sure implementation on them is done by yourself too. Lastly, making everyone keep their devices in a single room and charge in that single room too, will make you keep in check the internet usage too. 
  • Limiting screen time: It can be done via different apps and features and is available on both, android and IOS devices. 
  • Make them aware of cyber threats: Make sure that your kids are fully aware of all the online threats so they can make sure to stay away from them as much as they can. If one doesn’t have much information, they can easily fall into the trap of online crimes. 

Safety and Seniors – Along with kids and teens, senior residents need to be aware of how to remain safe in the internet world and browse websites freely. Seniors have significant resources including home values, funds, etc. These tricksters make them a target of their damage and fabrication, as they are helpless to these kinds of tricks and theft. They may feel conscious while reporting the trick or simply they may not even know how to report a trick. Thus, to ensure they don’t become victims of any cybercrime, they must be aware of normal network protection and the ways to remain safe in the online world. 

Closing Note

Securing yourself in this internet world is important and to do so, keeping up with different ways and especially, how cyber security works, is the need of now. Likewise, HughesNet Satellite Internet proves to be one running on this mantra of keeping the internet and the connection safe from such mishaps, for the betterment and security of its customer, no matter where they are situated, even in the wilderness of rural lands or the suburbs. The duty lies with the people and the companies they trust, to keep the internet a secure place. 

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