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Different Ways to Increase Your Sales on Black Friday


One of the best ways to get more gifts for your friends for the holiday season. For many people, this is also a good time to create a WishList of items that you want to buy for your new home or someone you know who recently moved and needs some electronic items and other goods for their home. Buying things from sellers who offer a good discount is always a good option for such people. 

One of the best times for businesses and users is when they can avail discounts for themselves and come across other saving opportunities on Cyber Monday, Black Friday and special days like Small Business Saturday. 

For users, this might be the best time to buy things that they always wanted to have and for businesses, this is the best time to clear their stocks and sell off many of their items at a very affordable cost. If you are a small business or store that wants to utilize these special days to increase their sales by more than 100 percent. You can come across different offers and discounts by different brands on online and in-store purchases. 

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For now, let’s have a look at the different ways you can increase your sales on Black Friday: 

Use Optimized Website and Landing Pages

For online businesses, using a website is one of the best places to showcase their selling items and make sure that they have placed the most suitable categories for your products. For Black Friday, make sure that you are prepared and you will get too much traffic. 

No matter what happens you are supposed to maintain the processing speed, your product quality and the loading time of the landing page. One of the factors that can get you more conversions is a less loading time of your landing page. 

If it is more than 5 seconds, you will drop your chances to convert. If your website’s loading time is around 1 second then you can gain more conversions. So you need to have considerable bandwidth, storage, processing power and memory that can handle the traffic storming towards your website.

Get Yourself an Email List

You can create some solid email marketing campaigns as this will go a long way for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. The email campaign you will be using has to sound useful, interesting and should make your potential customers excited about upcoming deals and other events that you might be planning for. 

For instance, you can use your email lists for running campaigns for Thanksgiving. Use pop-ups that have special discounts and offers and add other incentives as well. You can also get the customers to sign up using a powerful Call to Action and attractive graphics. 

Use the Most Suitable Keywords

You can use your previous Black Friday trends and other seasonal keywords to get information on the shopping trends so that you can hit your SEO targets and attract maximum traffic for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your store. 

Make sure you are not stuffing keywords into every paragraph. Focus on using long-tail keywords and use industry-specific terms when it comes to your product descriptions and landing pages. You can use some quality tools offered by Google including Keyword Planners, Google Analytics tools that can help you track the success rate of your SEO strategy. 

Use Catchy Subject Lines

Once you are done creating an extensive email list and have scheduled pop-ups and used high-quality CTAs, you must encourage people to open your emails. This can earn you a lot of money by creating unique and catchy email subject lines and Call To Actions that can create curiosity. 

If you are offering an outstanding Black Friday experience, then it can prove to be a very beneficial move to boost your email open rates and get massive sales. Create a sense of urgency as this has higher open rates.

Try Using Paid Ads 

Using organic traffic is one of the best ways to rank well on Google and other search engines but you can try using paid ads as it is useful for running marketing campaigns for e-commerce on Black Friday. You can use PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising for your Black Friday marketing initiatives and boost your online traffic.

Schedule pop-ups

No matter what you want to do, at the end of the day, your motive is to increase your email subscription list, have less or no abandoned cart rates, or anything else. You are required to use targeted and scheduled pop-ups carefully. This might look small but it can make or break the customer experience. 

One of the best things to do and market your Black Friday campaigns is you can have the right pop-ups as it is an amazing way to stimulate upselling and get subscriptions as well. To get this done, use the best email marketing tools, use automated and scheduled pop-ups and add urgency to your pop-ups. You can even use an engaging and attractive live countdown for the best deals you have. 

Add Rewards to Your Black Friday Marketing Campaigns 

One of the things that can work as a cherry on the top for many users is when you tie a reward to your Black Friday sales. You can add this to specific items, categories, certain actions and others. You can even add a greeting card for purchases so that users get a more personal feeling when they make a purchase. 

In the end, one can say that if you are creative enough to use the above-mentioned tools and techniques and increase your sales. Also, make sure that you create attractive campaigns on social media platforms as many users like to make purchases using both the brand’s website and social media pages.

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