How to Using Digital Video Advertising to Sell Products

Using Digital Video Advertising to Sell Products in 2022


Digital Video Advertising to Sell Products in 2022: The techniques in which company owners may market their businesses and attract attention have evolved substantially in recent years. Video marketing is now one of the trending ways to captivate potential buyers.

85% of millennials say they have purchased products after watching a marketing video. This statistic indicates that internet advertising now accounts for more than half of all advertising spending.

The world’s focus is considerably more online now that COVID-19 is transforming how we live and work. As a result, you can improve your company’s potential to attract more online attention through video marketing.

With 2022 approaching, now is a perfect moment to leverage current trends and promote your company. And video marketing is the hottest trend in the industry. It is a viable option for promoting your company among various strategies like content, email, and social media marketing.

Video marketing is a hit thing in the industry, and companies utilizing these have seen a significant growth compared to companies that don’t.

5 Types of Videos Advertisements to Sell Products

Let us look at the types of video advertisements you can use.

  • Short Videos

You don’t need an expensive camera or a video production staff to generate compelling marketing videos. Making high-quality videos with your computer or smartphone is now easier than ever.

You can answer typical consumer queries, discuss what makes your business special, or announce a new product launch. You may plan out your video content with a screenplay, an offer, and a distribution strategy similar to how you would plan out your content marketing.

Short, simple, and honest videos are sometimes the most effective when gaining potential clients’ trust. There is no need for all the frills. All you have to do now is put your best foot forward.

  • Product Review Videos

While there are numerous locations where people may read evaluations of your items, nothing beats video testimonials for persuasion.

For one thing, it is considerably more challenging to fabricate video testimonials, so prospective buyers are more inclined to believe the evaluations are genuine. Furthermore, watching videos is far more fascinating than reading assessments on the internet. You can entice users to buy at your online business after seeing the smiles on your clients’ faces.

People can find videos of product reviews all over the internet. If you go on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google, you will very certainly see them floating about your feed or appearing in searches.

  • How-to Videos

Demos and how-to are a form of product video that is more focused. This video aims to inform the audience about the product and show it in action.

In 2015, Think With Google discovered that how-to video searches on YouTube were up 70% year over year, with more than 100 million hours of how-to material watched in North America.

Many companies from eCommerce to SaaS have taken the concept of demo/how-to video content and tailored it to their target audience.

  • Story-Based Videos

Story-based videos are the most successful sort of video material. These videos don’t just describe your product; they weave a story around it that your prospects will remember. Using story-based videos, you may establish a sense of connection with your potential clients.

Consider Nike’s shoe advertisements. They don’t merely discuss the shoe’s characteristics and benefits. They feature someone wearing Nike sneakers participating in sports, enjoying life, and interacting with friends. With this strategy, all customers need to witness is the actor’s excitement to be convinced that Nike items would better their lives.

  • Social Media Video Ads

We can’t ignore video advertisements and their function in your video marketing efforts since we are looking at videos that help us sell.

Every major social site, from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, allows you to buy video advertisements, and businesses that do so are experiencing significant results. Twitter, for example, discovered that promoted video advertising is 20% more successful at generating purchases than other ad types.

A video ad is distinct from the other sorts of videos discussed above. The most apparent distinction is that you pay to advertise them on these channels, rather than just publishing them and hoping for the best.

Reasons to Use Video Advertising to Sell Products

Let us now understand why you should make video advertising a part of your strategy.

  • Enhances Social Strategy

There is no denying that people’s media is a very effective marketing tool. With over 3 billion monthly active users across all platforms, social media is a marketing gold mine that you just must tap into.

However, to be effective, you must post the appropriate information. Content that your target audience enjoys. And video is the favorite material format.

You will need to design an efficient video marketing plan to make videos that perform well, attract, and sell.

  • Generates ROI

To pique your interest even further, 83% of firms believe video offers a decent return on investment. Even though video creation is not the easiest or the cheapest operation, it pays off handsomely.

Furthermore, internet video editing tools are developing and becoming more accessible. Your smartphone can be your go-to video creation asset with an excellent online video editor.

  • Boosts Sales and Conversions

Videos have become a chain of success, helping companies promote and sell products smartly. But, there is always a trick when using a video, especially if your goal is to increase conversions. And do you know what can boost conversions? 

A landing page video! And that too by 80%. 

Video can potentially result in direct sales. When you think about it, video’s efficacy is not all that unexpected. Our brain captures visual information easily. So, if you believe photographs can increase engagement, wonder what videos can do for your products.

Final Words

Video is the future. So, if you are looking for ways to make the best first impression, you know what to do. Express your narrative while strategically promoting your products to drive sales through videos.

You should invest in an integrated video advertising strategy immediately if you want to see a significant increase in engagement and ad click-through. A simple video marketing strategy will help you increase revenue and sell products.

Make video a part of your marketing plan. Videos are more engaging than any other kind of advertising and may help you improve e-Commerce sales significantly.

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