Fontana Daycare Death Updated 2020

Fontana Daycare Death [Oct 2020] Cause of Death, Reason


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The Fontana detectives have arrested employees of the daycare facility regarding their connection to a child’s death who earlier was found unresponsive at the facility in 2016. The child who was 18 months old, later died.

The daycare staff members who were arrested by the police include Sagan Marriott, Rebecca Lutz, and Deborah.

While interrogating the staff members, the authorities discovered that staff found the baby, Deacon unresponsive, but they did not give a phone call at 911. Rather they gave a call to Jimenez, who gives the authority to Marriott and Lutz for work.

Upon detailed investigation into the case of an 18-month baby reveled that Deacon, who was present at the Marriott Family Childcare was not given the proper care. The baby was found unresponsive and not breathing.

According to Danielle Morin, mother of the baby, the staff at the daycare informed her that an amber chain which the child was wearing stifled him while he as sleeping. The child was rushed to a hospital in serious condition and there he was put on the life support system.

However, he died after some days.

As per the authorities, the facility was allowed and given license by the state to permit only four children at a particular point. But on a particular day when Deacon was found unfeeling, almost six other infants and minimum 12 other toddlers were present at the venue.

The daycare facility was operating against the laws and was admitting many children. Even the daycare staff surpassed licensing rules many times in the past which resulted in creating safety worries for the little ones.

Cause of the child’s death was not determined and the case was processed under investigation.

May Deacon’s soul rest in peace.

The facilities’ licenses have also been suspended.

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