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George Sanchez Ski Mask Rapist (July) Know Detailed Fact


George Sanchez Ski Mask Rapist (July) Know Detailed Fact >> This article will let you know about a criminal who received a 400 years sentence for his brutal crime. Learn more here.

Who is George Sanchez? Why are United States citizens protesting for parole action?

According to the report, the notorious George Sanchez Ski Mask Rapist got a parole hearing recently. After spreading this news, people and victims are protesting against this action. If you want to know this matter in-depth, please check the rest section-

Who is George Sanchez?

George Sanchez, aka George Anthony Sanchez, was convicted for the notorious crime in 1889 in the United States. Formerly, he was a sewer worker in San Jose; however, according to the crime report, he became the main suspect of serial rape cases held between 1884-1887. As per the sources, his age was then 27 years, and at that time, he was married, having two children.  

George Sanchez Ski Mask Rapist-About the News:

As per the crime news, Sanchez was the main culprit of the serial rape cases that was occurred in several churches and the bay area. According to Steven Dick, the Deputy DA of ‘Santa Clara’ county said that he is one of the most notorious criminals they have ever had in the history of this county.

He has also mentioned that around 45 women were victimized during this period, whose age is between 16-83. The majority of cases occurred in homes. He committed a brutal crime and, for that, received a sentence of over 400 years, but currently, he got the parole hearing.   

Final Verdict:

After this news ‘George Sanchez Ski Mask Rapist’ citizens of Santa Clara County raised their voices against this activity. According to people, George Sanchez is still harmful to society, so authorities must consider this hearing. Here we don’t promote the news, just we have mentioned the fact.  Do you have any questions regarding this matter? Please share below.

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