Healthier Healing What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do

Healthier Healing: What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?


Although over 20% of US adults are living with chronic pain, this discomfort doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. Solutions are available to manage pain more effectively and make life easier.

This is where the question, “What does a pain management doctor do?” becomes vital. These professionals hold the key to your pain relief. Keep reading to find out how they can help you.

Understanding Chronic Pain and the Opioid Crisis

To grasp how pain experts help people, it’s important to delve a little deeper into the experience of chronic pain. This type of prolonged discomfort becomes a part of one’s life, making routine tasks feel like impossible challenges. 

You might wonder why the talk about persistent pain leads us to discuss the opioid crisis. Well, these are drugs that doctors usually prescribe for severe pain. The long-term use of these drugs can lead to addiction.

Opioid misuse harms health, relationships, and everyday living. Although chronic pain itself isn’t responsible for opioid misuse, it can be a contributing factor that leads some individuals down that path.

What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?

Pain management specialists use a comprehensive approach to assess and treat patients in pain. They look beyond the obvious symptoms to understand underlying causes, lifestyle factors, and the patient’s psychological response.

Pain management doctors may use physical, behavioral, and psychological therapies. Sometimes, they’ll guide you in self-care routines to improve your condition.

A key part of their job involves educating patients about healthy coping strategies. They aim to reduce discomfort and improve quality of life without over-relying on strong medicines.

When to See a Pain Management Doctor

Pain that lasts for more than three months is traditionally considered chronic. If you’re dealing with such enduring pain, seeing a specialist might be a pertinent next step.

Natural Pain Management Techniques

Focusing on natural pain management techniques, such as physical therapy, exercise, diet changes, and stress management practices, can go a long way. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, for example, can teach you how to manage and lessen your pain perception.

Gentle exercise can stimulate the body’s natural painkillers, while proper nutrition supports overall well-being.

Introducing Trulieve Products

One innovative way to manage chronic pain involves using Trulieve products and brands. These medicinal cannabis products offer an alternative to traditional painkillers. They do so with less risk of addiction and fewer side effects, making them part of the shift towards natural pain management options.

You might be surprised to discover how these products can become part of a personal pain management plan. It’s worth discussing possible use with your trusted healthcare provider.

Reduce Pain and Improve Wellness

Answering the question, “What does a pain management doctor do?” requires understanding that their role extends beyond prescribing painkillers. It’s about finding a customized way to manage pain and improve the quality of life.

They may suggest natural pain management strategies as a safe alternative for people in pain. Sometimes, their treatment plans involve possible substitutes for prescriptions, such as Trulieve products.

Managing chronic aches is part of your health, but our blog explores countless other ways you can improve your life. Read our health section for more insight.

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