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Is Biotulin Legit {Oct 2021} Read Genuine Reviews Now!

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Is Biotulin Legit– are you finding the answer, check the below write-up, which has covered live remarks, legitimacy check, pros & cons, features, etc.

What brand do you consider while purchasing skincare products? Is it Biotulin? 

Well, if yes, then we must recommend you to read this blog and then decide whether it is worth buying. Biotulin isn’t a new brand in cosmetic products and has been growing day by day in some notable countries like the United States, United Kingdom, etc. 

However, for those who are regular buyers and those thinking of trying it first, you should know how reliable their services and products are. Is Biotulin Legit? Stay tuned to know-

Biotulin Legitimacy: Investigation & Result.

Check below to understand the facts that have been determined by thorough check-

  • The site’s been offering service for around 7 years. The domain was registered on 5th August 2014.
  • It has high index ratings. According to the premium checker tool, till now, it has received around 76% index.
  • Remarks are also present on different sites.
  • The active profile is present on different social community websites.
  • No physical address is available.
  • Various major policy details like shipping information, return policy, cancellation process are missing.
  • For Biotulin Reviews, we have found that the domain name is recorded as
  • Owner details are hidden.
  • The presence of duplicate content is seen; 17% of plagiarism is there.
  • No broken link is present.
  • Skipped pages number is 48.
  • Multiple gateways for payment.

Under this minute investigation, it’s been found that the site is quite old and has an above-average index. Plus, reviews and social media promotion is also identified. Hence, it might be authentic.

What is Biotulin?

Biotulin is a cosmetic brand that claims that its products are formulated in Germany. It has an active website where visitors can view a range of skincare products.Is Biotulin Legit? Well, the site is pretty old and has received impressive recognition in Australia and Canada. After entering the official site, you may find a top header menu containing Homepage, About section, Products, Biotulin TV, Press and Shop.

People can visit the ‘Our Products’ section to view the skincare ranges that are precisely subdivided according to their genre. Otherwise, they can also check the ‘Shop’ department to know the price details and product specifications, including ingredients and details. According to the site’s claims, they sell skincare cosmetics that are paraben-free, toxin-free. Following ‘Is Biotulin Legit,’ we found that anyone can apply the products, as it’s for any skin type and cosmogenic products.


  • Web Address:  
  • Location Details: Location information isn’t available.
  • Contact ID: Not mentioned.
  • Contact Number: Not provided.
  • Cancellation Process: No details are present.
  • Delivery Process: During check out, you can choose the delivery option.
  • Charges Details: Anyone can avail free shipping facility with a FREE 200 code on the above order 200. Euro 
  • Return: Not available.
  • Return: The data isn’t found.
  • Exchange: Exchange policy is missing.
  • Payment Process: Visa, JCB, PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, etc.

Pros of Buying:

  • Following Is Biotulin Legit; we observed that it’s an old website that sells a wide range of cosmetic items.
  • Products are toxin and paraben-free.
  • Multiple paying gateways are available.
  • Products are suited to all skin types.
  • Free shipping can be obtained.
  • The products are Germany-based.
  • Reviews, promotions on community platforms are visible.
  • The brand has been featured in different magazines.

Cons of Buying:

  • Location detail is missing.
  • No contact number and Email Id is visible.
  • Cancellation, return, refund, exchange policies are missing.
  • Mixed reviews are present.
  • Plagiarism is found.

What is the user’s Biotulin Reviews?

Several reviews are present on different web portals such as Amazon, health web magazine, etc. On Amazon, several Biotulin products are on sale, and people have given around 3.9-4 star ratings and shared their experiences.

Some said that cosmetics are awesome and you can get visible results after a certain time. Whereas some mentioned, it’s not effective as it’s promoted. It also gained 42K+ followers and likes on Facebook, along with an active account on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Several blogs are also present in different magazines with good ratings.

Final Verdict:

Is Biotulin Legit? Yes, it’s authentic following the above facts like high index, presence of reviews, and account on the social community platform, etc. However, it has mixed reviews and no details of some policies; hence, you must be careful while buying cosmetics products from Biotulin.

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