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Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam (Aug) Read Review!

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Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam (Aug) Read Review! >> The guide shares details about the new compact and portable handheld blender to help buyers make the right buying decision.  

Gone are the days for huge and space-consuming blenders as it is the era of space-efficient and powerful handheld blenders. Are you looking for the best alternative to your huge blender? Then, you must read about the legitimacy of the Blend Good Free Blender.

Blend Good Blender is the portable and handheld blender designed for blending different food items efficiently, and it consumes less space, thanks to the ergonomic design and size. Below is the guide to help buyers learn Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam or legit to buy.  

People in the United States are curious to know about the blender for its benefits and features.

Is Blend Good Free Blender Legit?

The product’s legitimacy is determined based on certain parameters, including specifications, benefits, and seller’s authenticity. Below are some crucial pointers that would help you learn whether it is legit or a scam:

  • There is no social media presence. The website has logos, but they are not functional. 
  • The checkout page shows the product price is zero, and to complete the purchase, buyers have to do human verification in the form the taking online surveys. It creates suspicion in buyer’s minds, and hence they want to know Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam or legit.  
  • We found no reviews online confirming its legitimacy. We found a few comments on the video review, and people are inquiring about the blender, which are not enough to confirm legitimacy. 
  • The seller has a 60% trust score which is average and demands more research and analysis.
  • The domain age of the seller is one year and 113 days old, as it was registered on 6th April 2020.
  • The seller’s domain will expire on 6th April, 2022. 
  • Crucial details like full specifications, materials, manufacturer, and more are missing. 
  • The product lacks popularity on other ecommerce websites.   

These points make the product questionable and demand more research and analysis before buying to avoid online scams.

What is Blend Good Blender?

Before jumping to the conclusion of Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam, let us learn more about the product. 

Blend Good Blender claims to be the space-efficient and portable blender designed to deliver you delicious beverages, smoothies, drinks, and baby foods. Since it is ergonomically designed in a compact size, it is the best companion for travelers and adventure activities.

A rechargeable battery backs the blender, and it can be used anywhere without electricity. The product is available for worldwide delivery, including in the United States. The blender is easy to carry in your handbag due to its compact size, and you won’t face any challenges in cleaning the blender after every use. 

Specifications of the Blender

  • Capacity – Not Available
  • Pricing – $49.99
  • Reviews – No Reviews available and no social presence. So, buyers want to know Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam.
  • Noise – No Noise as it is designed for Noise-Free Operation.        
  • Battery – 4000mAH
  • Charging – Three Hrs to fully charge the blender
  • Charging Type – USB device, PC, Laptop, and even with Power bank
  • Colour Availability – Black and White Options
  • Purpose to Use – Milkshakes, baby foods, juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and other beverages 

Pros of Blend Good Free Blender 

  • Compact and premium design blender
  • Available in two colour options
  • Multi-functional blender  
  • Charged with power bank, laptop, and even PC
  • Heat and water-resistant 

Cons of Blend Good Blender 

  • Lacks vital information
  • No reviews found online
  • No social media presence 

Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam – What Customers Have to Say?

After evaluating the product online, we found no reviews, feedback, or testimonials from the consumers. There are no reviews both on the official website and social media about the blender. Besides, the seller’s website also lacks a customer review section. 

The social media links and logos on the seller’s website are not functional, and it redirects you to the page for sharing the product to your friend list for promotion. So, the product seems to be questionable and demands further research and analysis. Hopefully it is clear Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam or legit. 


Blend Good Free Blender seems to be questionable based on the analysis and pointers mentioned above. Furthermore, we have evaluated the product online and found no supportive reviews and feedback to support the claims made on the seller’s website. 

So, buying the Blend Good Blender without proper analysis may lead to online scams and even risk your vital personal details and money. So, ensure to check its legitimacy properly before buying. 

Have you ordered the product? What is your opinion on its performance and quality and Is Blend Good Free Blender Scam? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section?

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