Is Compryo Scam (July 2021) Read All Valid Reviews Here!

Is Compryo Scam (July 2021) Read All Valid Reviews Here!

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Is Compryo Scam (July 2021) Read All Valid Reviews Here! >> The article presents a detailed description of e-commerce retailers of sunglasses of multiple varieties and their legitimacy.

Are you looking for an online store to get sunglasses to save your eyes from scorching heat? Then, the article will be helpful for you.

Today’s article is about – Is Compryo Scam, the company is registered in the United StatesBut people are now scared of spam websites. 

But you need not worry about that. This article is here to help you out; keep reading to know the legitimacy check and more details of the Compryo site.

Pointers to Determine Legitimacy or Scam 

The foremost important points- 

  •  Age of Domain – The age of the domain is young; the site is only 24-25 days old, which is not trustworthy.
  •  Confidence index- the confidence rate of the company is poor; the trust score is only 2% which makes it suspicious.
  • Customer Compryo Reviews– No customer reviews are visible on the portal.
  • Plagiarized Content – The content and policies of the company are found 85% copied.
  • Address – the company’s address is detected false on Google. It seems like the address given doesn’t have any such company.
  • Social Media Presence – the social media presence of the company, is zero.

According to the above pointers, the site looks dubious.

What is the Compryo site?

The company is an online shopping portal that provides products for you to use in those scorching heat, Sunglasses. The company’s claims found while checking – Is Compryo Scam, the results found. They claim of the portal is being of a reliable online shopping page.

They also have a goal of keeping the price of products the lowest possible. The company says they believe in developing the relationship with developers, manufacturers and warehouses long-lasting. The claims are, they want you to enjoy the shopping on their site.

Moreover, this site has various glasses on the portal, with the size and details attached to the products. Keep reading to say what the reviews have to say.

Specifications of Compryo Site

  • Website Link –
  • Products Offered – the company offers cat-eye sunglasses, round frame sunglasses, etc.
  • Contact no. – While checking for – Is Compryo Scam, the contact details found is – +1 516 313 3674
  • Email address – you can contact them at –
  • Creation Date – the date of creation is – 04th June 2021.
  • Shipping – up to 7-12 business days
  • Return/Exchange – within 30 days
  • Refund – can take 3-15 days
  • Cancellation – 18-24 hours are allowed.
  • Address – 996 Russell Street, Franklin Square, New York, postcode: 11010
  • Payment Method – Visa, PayPal, Maestro, Master Card, etc.


  • They have a variety of sunglasses where you can explore multiple options.
  • The HTTPs protocol is detected on the portal, and this is found while surveying for – Is Compryo Scam or not.


  • The company is not even a month old, which is highly suspicious.
  • The company claims to have the lowest price, but the products are costly in reality.
  • The company gives only 18 hours for a full refund on the cancellation; they charge 20% of the amount after the product is shipped or packed.
  • The address of the company looks wrong and is not detectable on Google by company’s name.
  • The trust rate of the company is also poor checking the security.
  • The company takes a long process in shipping.

Details about Customer Compryo Reviews

The customer reviews are essential to check the worth of trust in the products and portal. But here, the reviews are not present. It increases the suspicion of the company. you can always recover it with these solutions in case of any scam.

They don’t even have reviews on Cat eye like products. It is very risky, as this doesn’t show the trustworthiness of the products too. Even the company has zero reviews of critics on the portal. 

The company has no social media presence, which can raise doubts about the reliability. Product reviews are also necessary for trusting the company.


In the final verdict of the article- Is Compryo ScamI hope your questions related to the legitimacy and reviews are answered. The site looks suspicious; the advice is not to shop from them.

As the scammers are accelerating in every sector. report them, and it will help you recover your lost amount. Not just with the company, you are advised to stay aware of such scandalous sites. Have you bought anything before from this site? Comment below about that.

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