Is Lovers And Friends Festival A Scam (Aug) Read Reviews

Is Lovers And Friends Festival A Scam (Aug) Read Reviews


Is Lovers And Friends Festival A Scam (Aug) Read Reviews >> Read the best article to buy the fest tickets with high demand from the visitors and fantastic performers.

Do you want to book your tickets for the lovers and friends’ festival? Then, you are on the right article. The fest is grabbing attention worldwide. People were eagerly waiting for the fest. But, the fest came into a controversy.

Someone said that lineup is fake of the festival. This created havoc in the people’s minds and led them to ask multiple questions about the festival. The most common of them Is Lovers And Friends Festival A ScamSo we decided to answer that for you; all you have to do is sit back and read the article.

What will happen at the Lovers and Friends Festival?

This is not like any other festival; it is one of the largest festivals happening worldwide. So, people are eagerly waiting from May 2020 for the fest. But, the pandemic led to the postponement of the event is done till August.

Then, you all know the cases spiked up, and they had refunded the amount of the tickets. This time before buying the tickets directly, fans want to know Is Lovers And Friends Festival A Scam. Finally, after the long wait, it is happening. Don’t miss the show, it is in huge demand and the fan following is unbelievable.

When is the Presale?

Initially, the fest was happening only on 14th May 2022. But, the massive demand of the fans made the organizers launch a second date for buying the tickets. The second show is added only because of the high demands.

The presale has been announced on their official website too. It is scheduled for 9th August at sharp 10 am PST on Monday. So stay connected to the article.

Is Lovers and Friends Festival A Scam 

After seeing the vast fan following of the official page on Instagram and other social media accounts, this doesn’t look like a scam. The company organizing the fest is live nation entertainment, and they have been working since 2010. 

The organizers look trustworthy, and even the performers like TLC army, Twista, Usher, Jon, and Luda have posted on their instagram handles about them participating in the event. So keep reading the article till the end if you are interested in the fest and don’t want to miss buying the tickets.

The answer is a big NO for Is Lovers And Friends Festival A ScamAfter seeing their massive fan following of around 164K, it doesn’t look like a scam.

Where can I get the tickets from?

The tickets of the fest sell out within an hour of launching tickets. So, don’t miss out this time. This second show will be happening on 15th May 2022 with similar performers. You can buy your tickets.


Before ending the article, we want to remind you that the tickets are in huge demand. So, make sure you read the article and buy your tickets. We are sure with our answer of Is Lovers And Friends Festival A Scam or not. Are you going to buy the tickets for the show? Comment below –

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