Is Zaimstore Legit (July) Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Is Zaimstore Legit (July) Buying Here Is Good or Not!

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Is Zaimstore Legit (July) Buying Here Is Good or Not! >> Are all the online portals selling varieties of essential items genuine and safe to make purchases? Read here to know!

Hey readers! Are you really in love with shopping for your essentials through online web stores? Well, the question may arise in your mind about the store’s genuineness.

So, here we will explain Is Zaimstore Legit in this particular write-up. Additionally, you will learn how one can determine the online store’s nature, including its legitimacy.

The above-specified store runs in the United States and might be offering delivery to other nations. Let’s clear all the questions by reading the store’s details.

Is Zaimstore Genuine Store?

Before heading over to the store info in detail and its info regarding feedback, let’s search out the relevant facts about this website.

  • Domain Age: The site is only forty-three days old. The registration date of the site is 31st of May 2021
  • Reviews: The Zaimstore Reviews by customers have not been shared anywhere 
  • Trust Score: The company’s trust score is only thirty-nine percent out of hundred percent 
  • Alexa Rank: The Alexa rank of this store is not updated 
  • Address Originality: The address shared by the Portal at the end of its home page seems to be unrealistic as we cannot find any business named Zaimstore on Google map
  • Social media connection and icons: The Company hasn’t shared social media icons on the website, and there is no presence of the store page on Instagram.
  • Owners Information: The owner’s information is hidden.

Is Zaimstore Legit? Well, currently, the site is kept as a suspicious one.

What Is Zaimstore Com?

This Portal offers Breathable belly bands for maternity, waterproof Beach bag, trim Boss, Clark shoes, gloss lipstick, eyes shadow, hair razor for a head shaver, pools light, LED, stylish women sandals, slipper shoes which act as massage giver.

The Portal provides every essentials item, from electronic products to makeup products. Currently, the company is offering the sale of up to fifty percent. The store domain was registered a month back, on 31st of May 2021. 

Scroll down for more updates other than Is Zaimstore Legit 

Specifications Of Zaimstore Com:

  • The Company domain name is
  • The registration date of the company is 31st of May 2021
  • The email info of the store is
  • The phone number of the company is +13123400387
  • The business address is 22192, Woodbridge Virginia, 4216 Merchant Plaza, US
  • The return is accepted only within 30 days
  • The payment are accepted via Visa, American Express, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple pay, Shop pay, Maestro 

Pros Of Zaimstore Com:

  • The website is SSL certified. 
  • Exploring Is Zaimstore Legit we saw no updates about the site reviews. 
  • The company offers money back policy. 
  • The store sells every essential item. 

Top five benefits of online shopping:

Cons Of Zaimstore Com:

  • The store is the very young one.
  • The web store lacks online reviews. 
  • The Address of the company is unrealistic as the business name is not found on Google map. 
  • The Company popularity is very poor
  • The trust Index of the website is shallow that us 4.6 out of a hundred 

What Are Zaimstore Reviews?

This particular web store is newly born and is very young in the shopping platform. Giving all kinds of offers and products quality, the company is still waiting to receive the buyer’s response about itself. 

Being a young store, we didn’t found a single response of the purchasers of this web store in any reviewing portal. So currently, the website is marked as suspicious and unsafe for making any deal.

Furthermore, the store’s presence is not seen on Instagram and Facebook, with enough people following and updating their comments. 


The Zaimstore Com portal is poorly designed and is missing few details that every Legit store must-have. Though the store has a good https connection, other facts appear to be suspicious while exploring Is Zaimstore Legit.

Currently, making any particular comment about the scam and fraud nature of the Portal is quite suspicious. But still, we advise you not to place an order from a young website that lacks much Legit information.

Have you been the customer of the Zaim store even once? Then, do an update with your shopping experience below!

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