Junbini Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site or Legit One

Junbini Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site or Legit One?

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Junbini Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site or Legit One? >> If you are looking for a website that deals with outdoor items, read today’s article that shares the essential details and legitimacy facts.

Are you willing to shop from a website that has plenty of necessary outdoor items? If so, then the website that we present before you is one of those websites. There are plenty of people From the United Kingdom searching for websites that fall under the same category as this website. 

When we get interested in what this website is up to, we check Junbini Reviews and justify them. For further information about this website, stay connected with today’s article. 

What is Junbini?

Junbini website deals with plenty of items currently used as outdoor products, which are necessary for every household. Every family in its life need to fulfill their daily requirements, and this product is best for it. The main product is this website or torch, bubble makers, cases, rooftop tents for cars and ultrasonic portable washing machines. All the products shown on this website are pretty cheap with a very high discount of 60%. After seeing these discounts, it isn’t easy to trust whether it Is Junbini Legit. 


  • Domain age:–second of June 2021 is the domain creation date for this website.  
  • URL:– https://junbini.com/. 
  • Category:- This website fall under the category of multiple e products website. 
  • Email:- The mailing address for this website is not mentioned. Which is to be followed by other contact details As nothing was available. 
  • Payment mode: – AMEX, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Visa. 
  • Return policy:-30 days return policy is available on this website. 
  • Refund policy: –no information about refunding the product was available. 
  • Delivery policy:- 7 to18 business days. 
  • Shipping policy:- no shipping charges over Rs.500. 

The specifications make it very clear about this Junbini Reviews. 


  • SSL xolphin check who has available for this website with a valid certificate. 
  • This website helps us to check whether if it is a scam or not. 
  • This website helps us to get money back payment options. 
  • No blacklist engine was seen on this website. 
  • A fully certified HTTPS protocol was seen. 


  • there are not many visitors to this website. 
  • There aren’t many sites that get linked to this website. 
  • The tome in age is very less for this website.   

Is Junbini Legit? 

A crucial question has been asked in the above heading. This is because it indicates that what are the intentions of this website. Can people rely on this website and spend their money according to their weight without any hesitation. 

As we all know, there are plenty of websites that want to get money no matter what day we need to do it. To be safe from these types of scammers, we must thoroughly check the legitimacy points of this website. Not only that, but we must also check what has been in the past Junbini Reviews. 

  • The second of June 2021 was the Domain date for this website. 
  • The trust score for this website, according to our sources, is 3.6% only. 
  • No customer reviews are found for this website. 
  • Alexa rank was given as 696314, which comes under the medium category.  
  • The content was copied. 
  • The policies could be accessed easily. 
  • No address was given. 
  • Not a single social media. 
  • No information about the owner was available. 
  • There was a high amount of unrealistic discounts near about 75%. 

After reading all the above legitimacy points, we could easily say that this website is not trusted. 

Customer reviews

For a website, it is essential to have customer reviews, whereas, in the case of this website, no Junbini Reviews were available. The customer reviews help us to identify if the website is to be trusted or not. It is crucial to trust the website, which includes all the details, including the customer reviews. If it is absent on any website, it isn’t easy to justify that particular website as a legit site. In today’s time, it is a very arduous work


We conclude today’s article by keeping a piece of information on Junbini Reviews. We conclude that this website is not trustworthy but suspicious. No matter what the circumstances, we must not order anything from this website. 

As winding up today’s article, please let us know your regards by comments if you find yourself helpful. 

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