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[Unedited] Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos: Where Is Lucid Tattoo Shop Located? Check Details On Lindsay Joseph Tattoo Artist, And Reviews


The article on Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos has provided all the scandal details and more details about the shop.

Do you like tattoos and where do you have tattoos? What sort of tattoo you like? Who is Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos? What are Clear Tattoos? Where is Clear Tattoos found? For what reason is Clear Tattoos moving? On the off chance that you are likewise captivated by the new TikTok and virtual entertainment show, this article on Lindsay Joseph Clear Tattoos is great. In this article, we will discuss the backfire that Clear Tattoos has gotten from the Unified Realm, Canada, the US, Australia, and Germany and why it is so.

For what reason are Clear Tattoos Moving?

The outrage unfurled when a TikTok content maker, ‘running_mom_of_boys’, posted a video for her and shared insights concerning her new tattoo meeting with Clear Tattoos. Initially, she said that Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos Craftsman charged $200 for the discussion meeting, where she was told to expand on what sort of tattoo she needed and different things.

The video is close to 3 minutes in length, and she has shared every one of the subtleties of her meeting with Lindsay. From that point forward, netizens shot online entertainment with their viewpoints and began to reshare the video however much as could reasonably be expected. In this way, the tattoo craftsman is moving.

Disclaimer: In the article, every one of the subtleties gave were gathered through various sources on the web. We are not offering any private remarks on the subject.

Clear Tattoos Lindsay Surveys

The tattoo craftsman Lindsay Joseph got negative input after that a Twitter client Dianna. E Anderson posted a Twitter video where ‘running_mom_of_boys’ shared her terrible experience. She uncovered that her experience was extremely awful, and the surmised sum was $2260 for her tattoo, which she additionally disdained.

Clear Tattoos has gotten terrible surveys for being inflexible and costly. Moreover, Clear Tattoo Cambridge Ontario has gotten a ton of terrible exposure after the TikToker ‘running_mom_of_boys’ shared her frustrating criticism.

Insights regarding the Evaluating of Clear Tattoos

Per the subtleties uncovered by individuals on the web, Lindsay Joseph is charging truckload of cash for the tattoos. The valuing ranges are as given beneath:

  • Conference Charges: $200
  • Tattoo with one minor change: $1500 in addition to charges
  • Tattoo with 2 idea changes and scarcely any minor changes: $3500 in addition to charges is charged by Clear Tattoo Cambridge
  • Tattoo with different changes: $6000 in addition to charges

What does a good tattoo shop do?

At present, many tattoo shops will arrange custom stickers or Lapel Pin, and customize the latest tattoo designs on them for wearing, decorating the store, displaying the design, and also giving them to tattoo customers as souvenirs. This kind of gift display method will be better than meetings, simpler and cheaper, and more attractive to other customers for tattoos. Customers can refer to the gift pattern to make modifications without incurring additional costs.

What does a good tattoo shop do Custom Sticker

Extra Subtleties

The TikToker likewise guaranteed that they deluded and misinformed her, she let Joseph know what precisely she needed, yet Lindsay didn’t think about it and sent her an exceptionally terrible sketch past her creative mind. Lindsay had shown her 2 pictures, and she decided on the first, yet the sketch varied from that.

Video on Lindsay Joseph Tattoo Audits unveiled that they charged for the sketch independently. Yet, the last sketch was crazy. Also, according to her video, the sum cited was not even the last expense; sketch and change charges would be incorporated a while later. Hence, they got weighty backfire and a ton of terrible spotlight after this episode.


The article subtleties a tattoo craftsman charging a robust total for the administrations. A video about Clear Tattoos Surveys has been posted by a TikTok content maker, ‘running_mom_of_boys’; she gave every one of the insights regarding her meeting with the tattoo craftsman and the discussion between them. She said that the Clear Tattoo walloped her in regards to the expense and plan of the tattoo. To know more, kindly visit this connection.

Have you at any point visited Clear Tattoos? Kindly offer your involvement in Clear Tattoos in the remarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s going on with the Clear Tattoos debate?

A1. The embarrassment burst into flames when a woman on TikTok uncovered the difficulty she confronted with Clear Tattoos and had the most exceedingly terrible experience.

Q2. Who is that woman who confronted frustration with Clear Tattoos?

A2. Her TikTok account name is ‘running_mom_of_boys’, and her genuine name is Courtney Monteith.

Q3. Where is Clear Tattoo Shop Found?

A3. It is in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The specific area is given on their site.

Q4. Who is the proprietor of Clear Tattoos?

A4. Lindsay Joseph is the proprietor of Clear Tattoos, and she has turned her Instagram account private after the embarrassment.

Q5. How are the Clear Tattoos’ audits?

A5. They have gotten many pessimistic surveys, and many individuals have shared their Clear Tattoos Ontario Audits with them after Courtney made sense of her experience.

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