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Livia Voigt Instagram: Check Information On Forbes List & Voigt de Assis


The article talks about Livia Voigt Instagram along with trending information about her Forbes ranking list and her sister Livia Voigt de Assis.

Are you the person who is more interested in knowing about the Forbes list, which is updated every year? Do you know that a few days ago, the list was released, and one Brazil teenager stole the show by drawing everyone’s attention to her?

The girl is none other than Livia Voigt, who is the heiress of the very famous WEG electrical equipment factory. And she has become the youngest billionaire in the world. But what made her the youngest and most prosperous person on earth? In order to learn the reason, kindly read this article to get your answers.

Livia Voigt Instagram details

On April 1, 2024, the Forbes list was released on the internet, and many people’s names were revealed, including Livia. But here the spotlight is: Livia has become the youngest billionaire for the year 2024 because she is only 19 years old but already holds 1.1 billion dollars in her bank account. 

So, everyone started to know about Livia and wanted to see a lot about her. Thus, the Livia Instagram keyword is trending all over the world. But sadly, Livia doesn’t seem to be present on Instagram. 

There is an Instagram page under the name “Livia Voigth,” but it does not belong to her. Hence, Livia is not available on Instagram.

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Livia Voigt Forbes ranking

Livia became very popular after the Forbes list was released. Forbes is a famous worldwide media outlet focusing on business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, investments, etc. And getting on the Forbes list is an honor for everyone because it will act as a pride tag for everyone. 

And Livia has that tag in her 19th year itself. Forbes announced that Livia is the youngest billionaire for the year 2024 because she holds nearly 3.1 stakes in the WEG electrical equipment factory, making her almost 1.1 billion dollars. 

Livia is the heir of the WEG factory, and her grandfather was the founder of this company, so she naturally has a stake in that company.

Livia Voigt Forbes ranking
Livia Voigt Forbes ranking

Details on Livia Voigt de Assis

Here, the term “Voigt de Assis” refers to Livia’s elder sister. And her full name is Dora Voigt de Assis. Dora is 26 years old, and her name is also on the Forbes list because she holds a considerable stake in the WEG company. Livia and Dora are the powerful sisters who entered the billionaires’ gang at a very young age.

In addition to that, Dora holds a 3.1 percent stake in the company, making her the top 25 youngest billionaire the on the list, with Livia being the top 1. Moreover, there needed to be more information about Dora and her current career and personal life.

Details on Livia Voigt de Assis
Details on Livia Voigt de Assis

Facts about Livia Voigt

Livia Voigt Forbes has made her the most renowned person. Let us see some of the facts about her in this section.

  • Livia Voigt was born on July 10, 2004.
  • Werner Ricardo Voigt is the grandfather of Livia and the founder of the great WEG company, which was founded in 1961. In the year 2016, Werner passed away.
  • Currently, Livia is studying for her psychology degree as her college graduation at an excellent university, and she still needs to finish her course. So, Livia is not working in the WEG industry. But even before she started working, she held a stake in the family and became the trending  youngest heiress in the world.
  • Livia is a more private person who chose to lead a low-key life, so we couldn’t see her in any public meetings, parties, or award functions that were happening inside and outside the companies.

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