Mech Wings Roblox (Aug 2021) Let Us Know More About It!

Mech Wings Roblox (Aug 2021) Let Us Know More About It!

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Mech Wings Roblox (Aug 2021) Let Us Know More About It! >> The guide shares details about the new in-game accessory and the methods of getting it in the game.  

If you play Roblox games, you probably know about different avatars, in-game characters, and accessories in the avatar shop. In addition, different types of accessories and gifts are available in the Avatar shop, of which the new Mech Wings are the major catch amongst the players in Indonesia, Malaysiathe Philippines, and the United States.   

Mechanical or Mech wing is the accessory for the in-game characters or avatars that help them fly. The Mech Wings Roblox is available for purchase on the Avatar shop, and players have to spend money for it. 

We will be discussing the Mech Wing below. 

What is Mech Wings in Roblox?

Mech or Mechanical Wing is the back accessory that allows the avatars or the in-game characters to fly. It is the artificial back wing that Jaunty Ape Games has created, and now it is available for purchase from the Avatar shop. 

The Mech Wing was first launched in Nov 2015 on Roblox, and the cost of the Mech Wings Roblox is 1000 Robux. So, you need to have at least 1000 Robux to purchase the back accessory for your in-game avatars. 

The back accessory is quite popular and considered the favorite for 15 942 times by the players as of 28th June 2021. The back accessory is compatible with all the avatars in the game, and you can buy it online from the in-app store. 

If you also want to make your avatar fly in the Roblox game and look unique from other characters, ensure to have the back accessory from the Avatar shop. 

Where to Get the Mech Wings Roblox?

As mentioned, Mechanical Wing is the back accessory first launched in the Avatar shop by Roblox. It was first launched for sale on Avatar shop on 25th Nov 2015. So now players who are interested in buying the back accessory need to spend 1000 Robux and get it from the Avatar shop.

As per the sources, the back accessory is still live and available for purchase in the Avatar Shop. The cost of the accessory is 1000 Robux. 

Is There Other Ways to Get the Back Accessory?

There is no other way to get the accessory other than buying Mech Wings Roblox from the Avatar shop spending 1000 Robux. You must not follow or get scammed by 3rd party websites claiming to offer you the back accessory. 

The only option is to spend 1000 Robux at the Avatar shop and grab your Mech Wings in Roblox. However, if you are new to the platform and want to learn about getting the accessory, then follow the online tutorial on getting the back accessory. 

There is a video tutorial sharing the processes to get the back accessory. However, you must follow it to get your Mech Wings. 



Roblox games are very interesting, and to enhance the gameplay, the developers often come forth with different accessories for in-game avatars. Mech Wings Roblox is one accessory that has been attracting the attention of worldwide players.           

It is the back accessory available for sale in the avatar shop for 1000 Robux. 

Do you have the back accessory? How did you purchase it? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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