Top 7 Essential Tools Required For Metal Detecting

7 Essential Tools Required For Metal Detecting


Choosing a new hobby can be very challenging as the choices are plenty.

One of the fun hobbies people are taking up nowadays is metal detecting. Going on treasure hunts can be very exciting for individuals looking forward to doing something different from their usual routine. Even if it might seem like an easy task, it is not. An individual planning to start the treasure hunt needs to collect tools like a Garrett metal detector, headphones, shovel, etc. these tools help you complete your hunting smoothly with less trouble. So before starting your journey, make sure you have these tools ready with you. 

Essential Tools Needed For Metal Detecting

  • Finding bags

To collect your pinpointer, sand scoop, and of course, your valuables, use a handy bag or hip pouch. These bags are also helpful for carrying water and snacks if you plan to spend a long time metal detecting.

  • Headphones

A pair of headphones is one of the essential metal detector hunting gear. It will make sure that background noise does not prevent you from hearing any notifications. They aid in noise cancellation so you can easily hear the minor tones. They also provide privacy because most detectorists prefer not to have their finds announced to others.

  • Shovel

When excavating buried artifacts, you may occasionally require a larger instrument. You may use a typical garden shovel or one designed especially for metal detectorists that has serrated edges. Use a bigger shovel with caution and deliberation since you will need to fill in the holes you create.

  • Drop cloths

Drop cloths are particularly useful for capturing the soil that spills out from the hole you dig up, lowering the likelihood that you will ruin a well-kept grass or ground.

  • Metal detectors

Metal detectors have developed significantly in recent times. The limits of quality, depth, and accuracy are continually being pushed because of the rapidly evolving nature of technology and the increasing number of manufacturers in the market. Nowadays, metal detecting is a sport that individuals of all ages and skill levels can enjoy since metal detectors like a Garrett metal detector are more efficient, lighter, and have a range of built-in functions.

  • Pinpoint

While your metal detector will give you a broad sense of the target’s location, a pinpointer will pinpoint its precise location with a tone and vibration that gets louder as you draw closer. You will save significant time by reducing the time it takes to dig, select targets, and fill holes.

  • Batteries

The last thing you want is running out of batteries between your voyage. Hence, ensure your equipment is fully charged and spare batteries are with you when the used battery runs out of power. Doing so can save your time as well as your money. So batteries are essential. 


Every pastime has some etiquette you should adhere to respect your neighbors and fellow enthusiasts. The same is true for metal detecting. Along with keeping the tools you need, like the Garrett metal detector, you also need to be conscious about having basic etiquette while going on hunts in public places like parks, native lands, and beaches. 

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