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Musician Tremour Death (July 2023) What Happened to Victor Mwangobola? How Did Victor Mwangobola Die?


Victor Mwangobola, prevalently known as Musician Tremour Death, a gifted performer, passed on unfortunately in an auto crash, surrendering to extreme head wounds.

Performer Tremour Passing

Victor Mwangobola, likewise realized by his stage name Musician Tremour Death, was a gifted and unmistakable pop vocalist from Malawi. He acquired fame with his uplifting melodies “Mpanipani” and “Golide M’moto,” both delivered in 2022. Tremour was a performer as well as an entertainer, frequently featuring in his own music recordings.

Unfortunately, Tremour’s life was stopped in an overwhelming auto crash. While leaving a recording studio one Sunday night, he was riding a motorbike (known as Kabaza) and was associated with an impact with a vehicle. The driver answerable for the mishap ran away from the area, leaving Tremour and others harmed and without anybody to consider responsible.

After the mishap, Tremour was raced to Kamuzu Focal Emergency clinic in Lilongwe, where he battled for his life for a few days. Sadly, he surrendered to serious head and skull wounds supported in the accident and died at the medical clinic.

What has been going on with Victor Mwangobola?

Victor Mwangobola, prevalently realized by his stage name Tremour, was a capable performer and noticeable pop vocalist from Malawi. Sadly, he died subsequent to being engaged with a fender bender that brought about extreme head wounds. A couple of days before his inauspicious demise, Tremour was riding a motorbike (known as Kabaza) and was struck by a vehicle while leaving a recording studio.

The mishap left him with basic head and skull wounds. He was quickly taken to Kamuzu Focal Clinic in Lilongwe, where he battled for his life in basic condition. Musician Tremour Death family gave a public interest for monetary help to assist with covering his clinical costs while he was going through treatment for the wounds supported in the auto crash.

How Did Victor Mwangobola Bite the dust ?

Victor Mwangobola, unfortunately died because of an extreme auto collision. While leaving a recording studio, Tremour was riding a motorbike (Kabaza) when he was engaged with a crash with a vehicle. The effect of the mishap brought about huge head and skull wounds to the youthful performer.

After the mishap, Tremour was hurried to Kamuzu Focal Clinic in Lilongwe, where he got clinical treatment for the wounds he supported. In spite of the endeavors to save him, his condition stayed basic, and tragically, he surrendered to his wounds a couple of days after the fact.

His mom, Towera Chaswabande, affirmed the insight about Tremour’s passing to the nearby media, affirming the tremendous misfortune that the music business and individuals of Malawi have endured. The insight about his less than ideal passing profoundly disheartened his fans, partners, and companions, who took to web-based entertainment to communicate their despondency and honor the gifted artist.

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