Complete Information About Top 5 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

Top 5 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites


If we say that technology has only brought a positive impact in our lives then it will be a wrong concept. This is because there is always a reaction action. Similarly, where people are getting benefits from technology-based products in the same manner they are getting scammed using technology. 

Now, every person is complaining about cyber crime or getting scam calls from people. Therefore, to help such people there are a lot of helping tools like USPhoneLookup available in the market. These tools are assisting people to take further steps against such scammers and are recommended a lot.

Today, we are going to discuss the 10 most helpful and incredible working reverse phone lookup services. These services are playing a great role in allowing users to get info about any person just by using his phone number. The entire background details of a targeted person will hand over to you in seconds. 

Top 5 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

  • USPhoneLookup – Top 1 Reverse Phone Lookup Service
  • USPhoneSearch – Best Phone Search Website
  • NumLooker – Best Phone Number Lookup Website
  • Peoplefinders – Best People Search Site
  • Spokeo – Best for Locating Old Acquaintances

1. USPhoneLookup: Top 1 Reverse Phone Lookup Service

USPhoneLookup being on the top of the list has such exceptional features that are contributing to making it the most preferable and top-listed reverse phone number lookup service. Once you have searched about a particular person using its services then you will never feel the need to take help from other third-party apps. 

Sometimes finding people seems to be a very tiring process especially when you only have her phone number. Buy USPhoneLookup has made this frustrating work pretty easy and interesting through its services. After searching, the report of the target person will be sent to you via email or any other means.

Moreover, if you want to meet your old friend and want to surprise him then you can easily use this service and can get his address easily. If by chance, he has changed his address then the new address will also be provided to you. 

Steps Of Using USPhoneLookup 

USPhoneLookup is no doubt an incredible working reverse phone Lookup service and its steps also contain no complications.  If you are satisfied with the working of this tool then you can consider the given steps to enjoy its services: 

Step 1: Input Number 

First of all, you have to get access to the reverse phone number lookup service of USPhoneLookup. You will see a search bar on the screen, input the number of the targeted person. 

Step 2: Processing 

As soon as you tap on the search button, the processing will start. The tool will start searching for the information from databases.

Step 3: Get Results 

At last, the information about the particular person will be sent to you in the form of a report. 

2. USPhoneSearch: Best Phone Search Website

Now let us have a look at such a phone reverse lookup service that is working hard for making its distinct position among all the other services available in the market. This service is named USPhoneSearch. 

USPhoneSearch provides users with authentic and reliable information about any person just by using his phone number. Moreover, you can also receive data about the criminal records of that particular person. 


  • A free trial is available
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple Interface 


  • Pricing plans are a bit confusing

3. NumLooker: Best Phone Number Lookup Website

NumLooker is used in finding out information about a person who you don’t know but only has his phone number. It can also be an old friend with whom you have lost contact but now want to meet. 

This tool is also being used by people who have no special skills in using online tools. You just have to provide the phone number to the service and the remaining work will be done by the service itself. 


  • A depth of information is available for searchers
  • Allow users to extract social media information 
  • Has easy to Use Interface 


  • Subscription plans are quite expensive compared to other tools

4. Peoplefinders: Best People Search Site

The reverse phone number lookup tool that cooperates a lot with the user while searching for a particular person is Peoplefinders. This tool never fails in providing ease to its users hence is recommended a lot. 

The most amazing fact about this people search platform is that when a user accesses its reverse phone lookup service then they are allowed to get an entire background check. Moreover, users are never made uneasy by demanding charges again and again.


  • Best customer service is available
  • It has access to more than 10 billion people’s records
  • Very easy to use


  • Don’t provide data about social media accounts

5. Spokeo: Best for Locating Old Acquaintances

If you are in search of such a phone number lookup service that lets you access its services easily then Spokeo is an incredible choice for you. The most prominent features that make this service preferable are its implementation of customer feedback and greatly responsive customer service. 

Moreover, it also provides its users a great facility to get more detailed background information about a person using a subscription plan. 


  • It provides updated information
  • It is the best area code directory
  • It provides a depth of information 


  • It contains a few scans of public records

Ending Remarks

Phone number lookup services are now in great demand as they are helping users in a lot of ways. We cannot only search for a person who is calling us but can also figure out who our child is calling regularly. In addition to it, you can also find your lost friend whose number you have but not the address. Above discussed phone search service proves to be helpful for you in this regard

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