Complete Information About Saltwater Night Fishing Tips

Saltwater Night Fishing Tips: All You Need to Know!


If you want to go for a night fishing trip, you might need to learn a little bit about safety on the water, as well as how to lure a fish. Catching one at night might be a bit more challenging than when you fish during the day. In this article, you will find some useful tips that can help you with getting ready for your night escapade. 

Fish Don’t Need to See Your Lure 

During the day, the colors for saltwater lures you pick matters. However, at night, you don’t need to worry too much about the color of your lure. During the night, fish focus more on movement, vibration, sound, or even smell. You don’t need a fluorescent lure to catch a fish.

Predatory fish, especially at night, identify silhouettes of their prey. The clearer the silhouette of the lure, the higher are your chances of getting a fish. 

Choose Your Location Wisely 

Before you go fishing at night, try to explore the area during the day. Be sure to check it out when the tide is out. This way, you can locate any potential hazards. You can also make a mental note of where interesting features (sandbars, rocks, weed beds) are located – these are the spots you can encounter more fish. 

Try to pick up an area that has quite a short distance between low and high water. This way, you can set up your gear and wait for fish. When visibility is limited, you want to move your boat as little as possible. 

Take Care of Illumination

While fishing at night, you need some source of light and heat. When you decide on one, be sure that you know how to use it. Put it in a location where it cannot be knocked over. If you go night fishing often, you might want to invest in a lamp pole. 

While fuel lamps can work for some people, they might be dangerous and uncomfortable for many. Another option is using headlamps with LEDs, which are much more energy efficient, easy to use, and don’t require the use of hands. 

Stay Safe and Warm

Be sure that you get properly prepared before fishing in saltwater at night. You need to be well rested to stay alert and warm. Get some good sleep the day before. Avoid alcohol, as it won’t warm you up for a long time and can change your state of consciousness quickly. 

The temperature at night in the ocean or sea can drop down drastically, even in the middle of summer. Layering is a great way to keep yourself warm. Instead of choosing one thick jumper, use a few thinner layers. In case you get too hot, you can always remove one or two layers, and the other way around: add some if you get colder. You should have a hat that will protect you from the cold and wind. Whether you are planning to fish for two hours or the whole night, bring some food with you, and a thermos with a hot drink. 

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