Surge Token Bscscan (Aug) Let Us Check The Exact Values!

Surge Token Bscscan (Aug) Let Us Check The Exact Values!

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Surge Token Bscscan (Aug) Let Us Check The Exact Values! >> The guide shares details about the new hyper-deflationary token and the market analysis for a wise investment decision.

Being the Crypto investor, you must always keep a keen eye on the market to know the launch of new tokens that can protect you from redistribution and develop a buy-back system. As a result, a token called Surge Token is recently launched, the hyper-deflationary token to reward investors and prevent them through redistribution of tokens. 

The token has already attracted the attention of many investors in the United States and the United Kingdom. Now Surge Token Bscscan is spreading its horizon by attracting more investors on major exchanges. 

Below you will find more details about the new hyper-deflationary token and its buy-back system. 

What is Surge Token?

Surge Token is the newly launched hyper-deflationary Crypto Coin focused on protecting the investors from toke redistribution and offers them the unique buy-back system. The token aims to change the way investors interact to the price fluctuation of tokens. 

Investors often prefer taking the profit out of their investment and leave. But, the “Surge” buy-back system comes in to change the process. Surge Token Bscscan has the huge buy-back policy with four hours of the cool-down period, giving investors a chance to sell when they want without bothering about what other long-term investors would think.         

The “Surge” buy-back system is created to keep the token following the right direction and giving the option to look forward to huge buybacks and instant burns of tokens. 

Who Founded Surge Token?

After evaluating the official website, we found no details about the founder or CEO of the token. Furthermore, no details are shared by the holders and investors of Surge Token. 

We have only found that the token has over 2100 holders worldwide and recorded 8433 transfers to date. 

Surge Token Bscscan Market Cap, Supply and Live Price Data

Based on the data available on, the live price of the coin is $0.00, and there is no data available about the highest trading volume of the coin in the last 24 hours. 

Besides, no data about the live market cap and fully diluted market cap has been found on the exchange. The only information we found about the coin is that the total supply available is 1 000 000 000 000 000 SURGE. 

Investors have to wait until any update about the price, market cap, and market ranking of Surge Token Bscscan

How to Buy Surge Token?

Surge Token is available for trade, buying, and selling on BSC and PanCakeSwap exchange. 

  • Download the TrustWallet and add funds to it
  • Link your wallet to your desired exchange
  • To buy it on BSC you have to use the contract address 0xa6d1d32679c202ff0d4eb20de0ed6e8426b7ff16
  • Enter the amount you want to buy, and it must be equivalent to the amount you added to the wallet.
  • Swap the fiat currency to BNB and buy the desired amount of Surge Token Bscscan using BNB 

These are the steps investors have to follow to complete the buying process of Surge Token.


What is the Official Link of Surge Token?

  • the official website of the token.

Which Contract Address to Use for Buying Surge Token?

  • The right contract address to buy Surge Token is 0xa6d1d32679c202ff0d4eb20de0ed6e8426b7ff16.

What is the Number of Holders?

  • The token has a total of 2131 holders worldwide. 


Hopefully, you are aware of Surge Token, its market analysis, and its stats. Investors interested in investing in the Surge Token Bscscan must check the live price of the token for a wise investment decision. 

There are minimal details as of now, and hence proper research must be done before investing.

What update do you have to share about Surge Token? Please write it down for Crypto investors in the comment section.

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