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Who is Bronny James Dating? (July 2023) Who is Bronny James Girlfriend?


Who is Bronny James dating? The most recent viral picture shows American b-ball player Bronny James on a “date’ with another young lady in the midst of his reputed relationship with Peyton Gelfuso.

Who is Bronny James?

LeBron Raymone James Jr., well known as “Who is Bronny James dating” James, was brought into the world on October 6, 2004, in the US. He has become famous as a promising school ball player, right now addressing the USC Trojans in the renowned Pac-12 Meeting.

Perceived for his remarkable abilities on the court, Bronny James has gathered critical consideration as a first class ability, procuring a recognized four-star rating as an enroll. His gifts have been recognized by being chosen as a McDonald’s All-American during his senior year in secondary school, a demonstration of his momentous capacities and possible in the game.

Besides, Bronny James comes from a b-ball family, being the firstborn of, as a matter of fact, LeBron James, an eminent and achieved proficient ball player. Emulating his dad’s example, Bronny has been making progress in his own ball vocation and has shown enormous guarantee to carry on the family heritage.

Who is Bronny James Dating?

Bits of gossip are that Bronny James is dating Peyton Gelfuso, as indicated by a portion of the sources. In May 2023, Bronny James and Peyton Gelfuso, the two alumni of Sierra Ravine, became web sensations when they went to their secondary school prom together. Hypothesis emerged about whether they were sincerely involved because of virtual entertainment savaging.

Nonetheless, ongoing improvements recommend a change in the circumstance. A viral image of Bronny with another young lady, recognized as Malia Agee, has started reports about the situation with his relationship with Peyton Gelfuso.

The image showed Bronny and Malia out on the town at an eatery, and it was shared internet based by a fan who perceived Bronny and requested an image. This has prompted hypotheses that Bronny may be dating Malia rather than Peyton. Adding to the reports, Peyton has taken out all hints of Bronny from her Instagram account.

While the idea of Bronny and Peyton’s association stays muddled, arising bits of hearsay unequivocally recommend that they probably won’t be just about as close as they were previously. The detailed portrayal of Bronny’s date with Malia as “heartfelt” further powers the hypothesis.

Who is Bronny James Sweetheart?

Peyton Gelfuso is the sweetheart of Bronny James. During her residency at Sierra Gulch, Peyton was effectively engaged with different games, displaying her athletic ability in volleyball, tennis, and soccer. Her devotion and abilities on the field or court procured her reverence from friends and educators the same.

Embracing the computerized age, Peyton figured out how to cut a significant presence on Instagram, hoarding a committed following of in excess of 54,000 clients. Her enamoring posts and drawing in happy reverberated with individuals, prompting a web-based local area that valued her viewpoint and persona.

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