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Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves Aarp (Aug) Know!


Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves Aarp (Aug) Know! >> Go through the article about the non-profit platform and the crucial health issue covered for August.

The human body is a miracle in many ways. The possibilities and the mysteries it holds has been surprising researchers and medical practitioners of various fields for a decade. So likewise, people, be it from the United States or Canadaor any place in this world, surprises the medical world occasionally. 

Recently human body has been boggled the minds of the medical world with a weird phenomenon called Autoimmune disease. What is it, you may wonder? Don’t worry; we are here to bring you all the details necessary. 

So let’s see Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves Aarp.

What is AARP?

Before jumping into the discussion of autoimmune disorders, it is important to introduce the platform that started this discussion. The AARP is a short form for the American Association of Retired Persons. It is a non-profit organization that aims to focus on issues for people aged above fifty.

It is one of the largest circulating publications in America and has more than 38 million members. The platform aims to dismantle stereotypes related to ageing and turn the dreams for these people into reality. Dr Ethel Percy Andrus founded it in 1958.

Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves Aarp

The AARP’s work advocates for different topics ranging from Health care and health insurance to Social Security. Each month, different issues are the focus of the AARP, and this month, it happened to be about the autoimmune disease. 

The article finds it important to start a serious conversation around autoimmune diseases, which are on the rise. There are multiple types of autoimmune diseases and what they do is that it causes the immune system to either increase in action or decrease. If the immune system activity is increased, it will start attacking the body tissues and damage them.

Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves Aarp article talks about not only what the disease is but also talks about ways to control them. It covers points to keep in mind while finding the physician and ways to keep this condition in check. It has underlined very diligently how and why it occurs and the process in your body.

The Reason for the Article 

The reason for bringing such articles to light is that Autoimmune diseases are becoming common and rising. It is estimated that one out of every fifteen Americans are diagnosed with Autoimmune diseases. Keeping this in mind, the article Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves Aarp becomes a commendable step as it is not something we talk about at large. It is important to understand that these are lifelong diseases that have is a daunting experience for the person diagnosed.

The Final Thoughts

To sum up the whole purpose of bringing this article to light, we would say that what AARP has started is a great initiative. Covering topics that the general audience may not be aware of brings much-needed awareness and sensitivity. It also allows people suffering from such chronic diseases to open up and share their problems, guiding us to help them. Read here for more information about Autoimmune diseases. 

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