Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much 2021

Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much? {July} Read!

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Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much? {July} Read!>> This news article shares an essential discussion about which game is better, mobile or PC games. 

The gaming industry is booming by taking a new place in the lives of the people Worldwide. Games are restricted to mobiles, but it has also now taken a new dimension by involving PCs.

Therefore, there is this question worldwide that asks Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much? In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons that make them hate mobile gamers. Firstly let’s see what the difference between mobile gamers and PC gamers is. 

What are the dissimilarities between mobile and PC games?

There is some lack of clarity of quality in mobile games as compared to PC games. Mobile games have been evolved gradually, and no doubt there is development in their functions. But, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a quality deficiency in mobile games due to some restrictions. 

The hardware specifications do not allow mobile phones to include a better quality experience. This is not the only dissimilarity of Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much among these two platforms. There are graphic differences, Command differences, etc. 

Mobile games have evolved and included various games on them, but they cannot involve the features that PC games include in them due to these technical restrictions.

What are the unique features which PC games possess? 

  • It has user-determined gaming hardware and software.
  • It has greater capacity in its input in comparison to mobile games 
  • There is a commanding feature in PC games that makes the game more interesting. 
  • It has processing videos and audio, which is a novel feature from mobile games. 

Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much?

  • There is a lack of clarity in mobile games, and therefore, people hate mobile gamers.
  • There is always some distractions with advertisements and pop-ups on mobile phones.
  • Mobile games only include GUI, but it does not include control and command systems which are easier for a PC gamer. Some games are only for an advertisement, and it does not include any gaming feature. 
  • Some mobile games require payments to play, and it results in no use for them. 

So, we can see Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much by the people worldwide. Of course, there is no intention of hating it, but mobile games cannot provide them with what is desired in a game due to some restrictions. 

Therefore, people move towards the PC or console games for their gaming purpose instead of relying on mobile games. 

Final Verdict:

We cannot deny that the mobile phone has worked in its total capacity to include games in it. But, there are some more features which are easily provided by PC games and therefore, people prefer PC games.

We hope now it is clear that Why Do People Hate Mobile Gamers So Much.

What is your experience with mobile phones and PC games? What difference did you feel with these games? You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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