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The write-up provides all the necessary information & details on how to start a business and shares business-related ideas through Write for Us Business guest posts.

Do you wish to provide your knowledge of business ideas? Do you have business tips that every businessman should know? If yes, we will provide a platform on which you can share and be updated on all the latest trends and topics related to the business organization through your writing skills. 

Before proceeding, we insist all the writers follow the mandatory guidelines which are necessary to be followed while writing a Write for Us Business guest post on our platform. Read further to know the details.

About indywood– Who are We?

Our platform at indywood allows writers to share their knowledge through authentic writing skills and sharing them on our platform. We provide various opportunities to the writers to share their interesting experiences while starting a business or as a business owner and provide us with all the genuine information.

We believe in providing the best quality work with 100% original content. We do not accept any kind of falsified information.

Write for Us+ Business– what are the contributor guidelines?

The writers must be aware of all the necessary guidelines to follow while proceeding with the content. The written content should follow all the points which are included below.

  • The article must be 1000 words.
  • The written article must not include grammatical errors; the Grammarly score should be over 98.
  • The article must contain proper external and internal links.
  • The external link provided should be highlighted in green and bold.
  • We do not accept false information and allow only original content to be published on our platform.
  • Writers must provide proper headings and subheadings with proper division in the sections while writing the content.
  • The spam score must be between 1 and 3.
  • Writers must make use of active voice while writing.
  • The information in the article must be solely written based on the topic.
  • The article must not contain any promotional links.

Know all the prevailing benefits of Business Write for Us.

The writers get a huge amount of benefits while writing for our platform, and these benefits help them to excel in the field of writing in the long run.

  • The writers get the required attention from all platforms if they produce engaging content.
  • The writers can increase their writing skills by writing on various topics, and they can test their skills through SERP.
  • If the article is found attractive, it will be published on various platforms to attract the reader’s attention.
  • The readers who are influenced by your topic and wish to know how to start a business will contact you, and you can help them start a new business.
  • The writers can also make their content stand on the top if they produce attractive content.
  • The writers will get attention from other platforms and get more offers to write content on different topics.

Write for Us Business-List of all the trending topics.

  • How to start a business?
  • Business entrepreneurship.
  • Latest trends in Business.
  • Different kinds of Business.
  • Benefits of starting your own Business.
  • SEO and marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • HR topics and leave management.
  • Business and leadership.
  • Business experience and career advice.
  • Team management and its benefits.

How to Contact Us?

Writers who wish to share their Write for Us Business information can share their writers on the email ID- info@indywood.org. They can choose any of the topics provided and share the knowledge they find themselves more confident in. While writing, they are also requested to follow all the mentioned guidelines and provide only informative content.

Our team will review the shared content and provide feedback within a few days. If they find your article attractive with all the guidelines, your content will be approved, and you will join our team.

Final Summary

The writers can share the information according to the guidelines mentioned for Write for Us Business and share the content on the provided email ID, and our team will be more than happy to make you a part of them. If you face any difficulty, you can contact the team and be assisted in all possible manners.

Here is a link that will help the writers know more about all the related business ideas and how to start a business. Writers can also take help from authentic online sources.

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