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Write for Us Family: Read Complete Guidelines Now!


Writers and bloggers check out the entire article to find the proper guidelines for writing the Write for Us Family guest post.

Are you a family person? Do you love to spend time with your family? If you are concerned about your family and want to share your thoughts regarding family, we have great news for you. We are allowing bloggers and writers to write for us. You can share your thoughts about a family with us on this platform.

But first, you need to follow our guidelines properly. A writer or blogger must follow our guidelines accurately. Let’s see the guidelines for writing the Write for Us Family guest post. 

Who are we? 

Daily news readers must have heard about Indywood at least once in their lifetime. We are an online-based news website that covers all types of news. Under one roof, you can get trending news, gaming reviews, product reviews, and much other news. We believe in providing authentic and reliable news to our readers. 

We focus on creating reader-friendly and unique content for our readers. We are strictly against copying from any other news website. Indywood always provides unbiased content to its readers. So, if you are thinking of writing with us, you must follow our guidelines properly. 

Guidelines for the Write for Us + Family guest post:

  • Writers and bloggers should write plagiarism-free and unique content to get selected.
  • Please avoid using any type of unnecessary information in your article. Focus on putting relevant and trustworthy information.
  • Your written guest post should be any type of grammatically error-free, and the Grammarly score must exceed 98+.
  • It is necessary to attach two reliable and relevant links after finishing 80% of the writing. 
  • The spam score of your writing must not exceed 3%.
  • If you don’t want your article to get rejected by our technical support team, avoid using abusive and aggressive words in the guest post.
  • Write your guest post within five hundred to one thousand words. The word limits must not exceed.
  • Writers need to write 90% of their articles in an active voice.
  • Thinking of a unique and trendy title for the Family Write for Us guest post because trendy titles attract more readers.
  • Always make your guest post’s external links and crux phrases bold and green.
  • Try to use easy and understandable English words, and avoid complicated English words in your guest post.
  • The keyword density of the guest post must be between .75 to 1% of the entire content. 
  • Using copyright-free images in your content is mandatory. 
  • The writing must contain a unique title, introduction, relevant subheadings, conclusion, and description.

What benefits you will get for sharing the Write for Us + Family guest post?

  • You can test your writing skills through SERP if you write with us.
  • Thousands of people will read and share your article with their family and friends.
  • The Indywood technical team will send you trendy keywords; thus, your content will attract more and more traffic.
  • Your article will get huge traffic.
  • Any organization can contact you and offer job opportunities if they like your writing skills and content.

Some trending topics for the Write for Us Family guest post:

  • What do you mean by a family?
  • Why is family important?
  • Definition of a nuclear family.
  • What is a joint family?
  • Difference between a nuclear family and a joint family.
  • What are the values of a family?
  • Family and modern problems.
  • What is the definition of a single-parent family?
  • How much does a family affect the upbringing of a child?
  • Family problems and child health. 

How to contact Indywood for the Write for Us Family guest post?

The writers and bloggers are eager to share their guest posts with us can mail us at info@indywood.org. You can choose from writing your content on the topics mentioned above to write the guest post, or you can also select any topic on your own. But always remember to follow our guidelines and write the best and most unique guest post with us. 

Once you mail your writing, our technical support team will check your article. They will contact you within 24 hours to share the result with you. Once you get selected, our technical support team will share the entire writing process. 


If you face any problems while writing the Write for Us Family guest post, you can send us mail at the above-mentioned email id. We are attaching a relatable link here to help our bloggers and writers write a perfect guest post on family. So, please check out the link if you write to us.

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