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Write for Us Football Guest Post: Guidelines To Submit A Guest Post!


The article meets the needs of the Indywood.com website in presenting their Write for Us Football Guest Post articles, along with their submission rules.

Have you been involved in football sports for a long time? Can you present the sports article to football fans around the world? Then you’ve come to the right place to hone your sports interest and skills, and we’ll show you how to showcase them in ways that benefit our Write for Us Football Guest Post readers. As a result, to fully showcase your inherent abilities, we ask the guest post writers to read the entire content without skipping any guideline points.

About our website “Indywood.org”

Our websiteIndywood.org” is one of the most authentic content-creating platforms, having secured a good trust score and Alexa rankings. All those scores helped us prove our authenticity to our Football + Write for Us readers. And we are proud to say that we have obtained the reader’s support not only at the regional level but also at the international level. 

The quality of our content improved significantly as our popularity grew day by day. And we have the proof to demonstrate our authenticity in the below-mentioned genre of articles.

  • Reviews of Products and Websites
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping Tips
  • Health
  • News
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Gaming Tips

Write for Us Football writers Preferred Educational Qualifications and Experience

Football is the emotion of the worldwide population; even in the ongoing FIFA World Cup, literally 1 billion people watch the match simultaneously. It demonstrates the extent to which football sports are popular. 

Thus, we request the guest post writers to understand the trends in the football match and present them to our “Write for Us” + Football readers. As our articles are for a global audience, guest post writers should present the article to every individual in this world.

Educational Qualification: Physical education graduates can attempt to share their theoretical knowledge with our readers. Football coaches and other professionals working in football sports can present their valuable information to us.

Active and retired football players are welcome to participate in educating our “Write for Us” + “Football” readers about the realities of football games. But we mandatorily expect the person to have qualified knowledge of football games.

Skill sets: The guest post contributors should be able to create an exciting and engaging article in an authentic manner. They should at least have medium-level knowledge of the English language.

Write for Us + Football Sample topics

Here is the list of topics that will aid in selecting the topics for the guest post writers.

  • Why will the FIFA World Cup 2022 be the most contentious match in football history?
  • The basic rules to be followed while playing the football game
  • Details about the famous football players’ biographies
  • Detailed insights into the FIFA World Cup 2022

Football Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • If the writers present any football game rules, they shouldn’t make even any minor mistakes. Kindly double-check and proofread the article before submitting it to us.
  • We are strictly against piracy and plagiarism, so please don’t copy-paste any information from any sources.
  • Even the sports article needs grammatically error-free sentences. Thus, the Write for Us+ Football writers should refrain from making any spelling or grammar mistakes anywhere in the article.
  • And we request the writers not to defame any particular football team or players because it may hurt their emotions. Thus, kindly opt for a polite and respectful tone of language.
  • The guest post writers should stuff only a few lines under one subheading; try to branch it out into various subheadings.

“Write for Us” + Football article SEO guidelines

  • The articles should be substantiated with the proper internal and external links.
  • For internal links, the writers can choose our website articles to add as internal links; for external links, they should insert valid website links. Please don’t add any illicit website links.
  • Writers should insert the necessary keywords, headings, and title tags; everything adds to the SEO score.

Football + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our platform has a broader and more diversified reader base so each article will get more web impressions than usual.
  • We have a friendly writer’s faculty, so they will assist the writers if they face any difficulty in selecting topics or using keywords.
  • The writers can also generate their backlinks.

How to submit the Football “Write for Us” article?

After adhering to the guidelines, the writers should submit the articles to the editor’s Email Address [infoindywood@gmail.com]. The writers can also add their sports performance data along with the submission.


The Indywood team presented its requirements and concerns, and guest post writers can share their concerns as well. Please drop your doubts in the email mentioned above, and Write for Us Football Guest Post writers should not share the same content with another platform, which could lead to copyright and plagiarism problems. Participate here to create Football-themed work!

Are you willing to follow these rules? Comment on it.

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