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The article identifies the critical guidelines and protocols to follow when presenting the Write for Us General Guest Post articles to indywood website.

Do you have exceptional writing skills and you are looking for opportunities to showcase them? then our platform is an excellent choice for taking your abilities to the next level. And here in this article, we will discuss the mandatory guidelines that must be adhered to while submitting the  Write for Us General Guest Post articles. 

About our platform” indywood.org”

The primary goal of our website “indywood.org” is to make the Internet a safer place for people of all ages. Because so many scammers are using websites to steal many people’s money, many people are falling into the trap due to a lack of access to up-to-date information. Thus, we have decided to enlighten our General + Write for Us readers with our articles.

So that they will be aware of all the things happening around them, it helps them tackle all the problems arising on the Internet and in their real lives.

Our range of topics that help our readers enrich their knowledge include:

  • Products Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Business
  • Technological Advances
  • Gaming Tips and Updates

Write for Us General writers’ Necessary Qualifications and Experience

General topics are the ones that have to be addressed in a more careful, informative, and interesting manner. However, we expect our readers to present a topic that will provide readers with the satisfaction of learning something new in this digital world. 

Every day, in one corner of the world, many people fight for their human rights, whereas in other places, some “Write for Us” + General readers enjoy their victories over their national sports. The guest post contributors should analyze the needs of the topics before presenting them.

  • We request the authors to avoid boring topics and try to broaden their horizons.
  • We didn’t expect a mandatory graduation degree from the participants. We are a team that gives significant importance to “Write for Us” + “General”, skills and hard work. So, people who are confident about their English language and subject knowledge can courageously attempt on our platform.
  • There is no requirement for prior written experience. If they have any experience, even that is more appreciable. They can even send their portfolios for a better understanding of their work.

Write for Us + General Sample of topics

From the topics listed below, guest post authors can understand how to choose a topic.

  • Real-life motivation and inspiration stories
  • The true reality of digital currency
  • Medical tips for maintaining a healthy body
  • The cost-effective and nutritional local foods available in different countries
  • Current trade wars between the superpower countries
  • Interesting sports news and updates
  • Recent inventions and discoveries in space technology and informational technology
  • Emerging uses of AI

General Write for Us article Guidelines

  • The guest-post articles should be conveyed respectfully and politely. Please don’t present any content related to injurious habits or mature content. It has been a reader-friendly one, irrespective of gender.
  • We have provided the leverage to choose the topic, but we focus more on the article’s content. Thus, Write for Us+ General guest post authors should present their own 100 percent unique articles if they want their articles published on our platform.
  • All spelling and vocabulary errors must be corrected, and the article should pass the grammar test with a score of 98 or above.
  • The use of illustrations and diagrams adds extra value to the articles.

“Write for Us” + General articles SEO guidelines and protocols

  • The higher the spam value, the worse it is for the SEO score of the article.
  • Thus, guest post contributors should consider limiting the spam value to 4 to 5 percent.
  • Additional usage of the primary and secondary keywords will help us to attain the maximum SEO score.
  • Every article should have both external and internal links.

General + “Write for Us” writers Benefits 

The guest post contributors will get recognition for their works from our readers, which will help them witness many future opportunities. 

For example, our reader base consists of many media reporters, magazine writers, etc., so if they like their works, they may give our guest post writers a better writing opportunity. As a result, their work will naturally be promoted.

How to submit General “Write for Us” articles?

Individuals ready to incorporate all the guidelines mentioned earlier into their articles can submit their works to this Email Address [infoindywood@gmail.com]. This belongs to our highly professional editorial team. So, the writers can ask their valid questions to them via this mail address.


We hope that we have listed out all our expectations for the Write for Us General Guest Post writers, and we deeply believe it is designed in a writer-friendly manner. So, every person should follow that in their general articles without fail. Thank you for your interest. We are delighted!

Do you find these guidelines writer-friendly? Comment on it.

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