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The article will give you information on the Write for Us Lifestyle. Read this post till the bottom to learn the steps.

Do you love writing articles? Are you interested in posting a guest post? If you are an enthusiastic contributor who can write a guest post on lifestyle swiftly then you must read this article. This article will give you all the instructions about the Write for Us Lifestyle guest post on our website. You can have an idea about the process and write-up format.

Let’s begin the article on lifestyle guest post. 

Introduction to Indywood website.

Indywood is an online platform that contributes content to the readers. Our contents are based on write-ups with different topics. This website is a place where you can read as well as post your content as a guest contributor. Indywood is a platform that is made to aware readers of the trending news around the world. Our famous topic includes trending news, sports, website review, health, travel, education, industry, etc. 

Directions for posting Write for Us + Lifestyle.

The guest post includes several guidelines so that contributors would not lack in preparing perfect content for our website. The guidelines are easy to understand as they are made considering all the types of contributors. The guidelines are the same for everyone so Kindly read and understand them;

  • The guest articles must be written within the proper word range of 500 to 1000 words.
  • The external links in the content should be posted in the lower half of the content. Mark the external link with a green highlighter. 
  • The content must include reference images according to your topic. 
  • Lifestyle Write for Us should not include explicit content. We don’t allow offensive content in any way. You can’t publish any offensive links, images, or words in the content.
  • The articles should include excellent-quality keywords. You are free to use keywords on our website but the word gap between them must be appropriate.
  • The word gap between each keyword should be 90 to 100. 
  • The links in the content should not include spam scores. Kindly check the spam score of links before pasting.
  • Do not use duplicate content on our website. Using plagiarised content can lead to the rejection of your article.
  • The grammatical mistakes must be improved before delivering your post.

Subject ideas for Write for Us Lifestyle.

The lifestyle guest post must include subjects that allure more and more readers to their website.  Contributors can have an idea about the types of topics we allow for a guest post from the following list:

  • The lifestyle of old people
  • Difference between the lifestyle of old people and youngsters.

How important is a guest post for contributors? 

Guest post is the most significant part for all the contributors. You can have multiple benefits such as experience in writing. You can boost your confidence by publishing your articles on our website. Freshers would face ultimate positive changes in their writing skills after posting guest posts.

What is the format of Write for Us Lifestyle?

We do not imply a mandatory format to contributors. We expect a simple and attractive format for the guest post. You should start the content by introducing your topic. You can use keywords as per the word gap prescribed in the guidelines section. Your article should end with a conclusion and description.

Who can write guest posts? 

Guest posts can be written by any contributor who is willing to boost their career. We don’t have limitations of experience or qualification. We even allow and support freshers to publish their content on our website. If you are determined and talented then you can be a part of our team. 

Ways to deliver Write for Us Lifestyle guest post.

The lifestyle guest post must be delivered through the mail. You have to deliver the guest post to the email address that we will provide you. Before providing the email address, let us inform you that we don’t provide any other way to accept guest posts. Here’s the email( info@indywood.org) where you have to deliver your article. 

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, we hope you understand the process through this post precisely. We have mentioned all the necessary steps in this article so that contributors would not get confused while writing the Write for Us Lifestyle guest post. Visit this link to learn details on lifestyle

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