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Write for Us News Guest Post: Check Details & Understand How You Can Submit A Guest Post!


The guide shares details about the Write for Us News Guest Post opportunity for worldwide writers and authors.

Are you from the field of journalism who want to spread the latest news amongst the readers? Do you want to write news guest posts for the readers? Indywood.org is the platform that allows you to spread the news and updates to the world via guest posting. So, if you want to share the latest news on any subject or topic, opt for Write for Us News Guest Post.

The opportunity gives the writers a platform to spread the latest news and update the readers about the latest happening worldwide. If you are interested in the opportunity and want to write news articles or content for readers, opt for this guest posting opportunity. But read the guidelines carefully before you start writing. 

Write for Us News Articles – About Indywood.org!

Indywood.org is the digital podium for all the latest news and articles. The website focuses on sharing updated and latest content on different subject matters. The website covers different subjects, including shopping & gaming tips, health, Crypto news, business, technology, and other latest news.

The website accepts original and authentic write-ups from worldwide writers and now accepting News + Write for Us guest posts and articles. But, the website only accepts research-based guest posts and comprises the latest findings and facts. So, writers interested in the opportunity must have some qualities to produce comprehensive and informational content. Below are some qualities we are looking for in authors and writers.           

Write for Us + News Guest Posting – What Are We Looking?

Indywood.org has become a reliable source of information on the internet because it focuses on sharing only reliable and quality articles and guest posts. So, the website is looking for writers and authors with experience producing top-quality and research-based content for the news section. If you think you have the skills to research and create “Write for Us” + News articles for the website, you need to have the following abilities. 

  • The writers must create content based on facts and findings without false information. 
  • The guest posts must be unique and informative without any misleading information. 
  • Writers must be team players who can work with other members to produce quality articles. 
  • Above all, writers must ensure to submit the content on time.

News Write for Us Articles – What are the Subjects to Cover?

Many things happen around us, so you will get many ideas for creating news guest posts and articles. But, the news you are covering for the section must be new and not be covered on Indywood.org. Besides, writers must confirm with the editors and seek their approval on the topic. Below are some suggestions for “Write for Us” + “News” guest posting.

  • World and national news
  • Latest happenings around the world
  • Educational news
  • World economy news
  • News updates on the obituary
  • Death news
  • Road accident news
  • The latest news on product launches and current affairs
  • Sports news and updates 
  • News on politics and updates on elections

“Write for Us” + News Article Guidelines!

  • The news guest posts must be original and 100% plagiarism-free without copied sentences or content. 
  • The write-ups must be grammatically sound without spelling errors and mistakes. It must not contain any lengthy sentences or paragraphs.
  • The guest posts must be written in a specific format with bullet pointers, catchy titles, headings and sub-headings, and descriptions.
  • The Write for Us + News guest posts must feature sections for features, pros & cons, legitimacy, customer reviews, and conclusion with descriptions. 
  • The guest posts must be covered within 1000 words and be at least 750 words. 
  • The guest posts must be free from promotional content and ads. 
  • Timely submission of the content is necessary.      

News + “Write for Us” – Why Us?

  • The platform will help the content to get global readers.
  • Enhances the author’s credibility as an experienced writer
  • The guest posting opportunity will help open new avenues for writing jobs
  • Increases the visibility and SEO aspect of the write-ups 
  • Allows writers to develop long-term engagement

News “Write for Us” Submission!

Writers interested in the guest post opportunity need to write the articles in adherence to the guidelines and submit the content at the official EMAIL (infoindywood@gmail.com). After receiving the content, editors will evaluate it and submit it on the website. Authors will be updated via email. 


Writers and authors interested in the Write for Us News Guest Post must carefully read all the guidelines and submission process. Ensure that the News articles are written in adherence to the guidelines and submission is done timely at the official email. 

Do you have any queries related to the opportunity? Kindly share it in the comment box. 

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