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Write for Us Shopping Guest Post: All Exclusive Guidelines To Write A Guest Post!


The article explains the basic guidelines that need to be followed by Write for Us Shopping Guest Post writers when submitting their articles to the website.

Are you the type of person who knows everything there is to know about the global shopping scene? Do you believe that shopping has become one of the most important activities for people, requiring immediate attention? Then you are the most felicitous person to take the Write for Us Shopping Guest Post article to the next level. But every development needs to be done according to some fundamentals, and we have designed that in a writer-friendly manner, so we request everyone to see through it.

Introduction to the website “Indywood.org”

Our website “Indywood.org” is one of the best and leading platforms for creating content, and we prioritise Shopping + Write for Us article quality and authenticity, as well as customer satisfaction, over article popularity. We gradually gained more readers as we worked harder for them every day. As a result, we have got an immense reader base count. 

Our quality-enriched article falls under the category of

  • Product Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • Business Tips
  • Sports Updates
  • News Updates
  • Games
  • Health 
  • Crypto Currency 

Write for Us Shopping writers Desired Qualification and Experience

We are a team of people who have continuously rendered the latest updates on every shopping scenario happening worldwide. Thus, we expect the guest post writers to present the articles in such a manner that they convey the latest trends in shopping; nowadays, we are reclining more towards online purchasing, and “Write for Us” + Shopping writers have to create a mandated awareness because there are more chances for the hackers and scammers to steal the people’s money through the digital transactions. Thus, guest post contributors should focus on the core and awareness-creating parts.

Readers must have some basic qualifications and skill sets to write about shopping topics, which we have designed for our “Write for Us” + “Shopping” writers.

Qualification: Priority will be given to those who have been in the business and service industries for longer periods of time because they will know the nuances of the marketing strategies and the loopholes in the sales process. And the other person with theoretical shopping knowledge can also share their knowledge with us.

Skill sets: The person should have good analytical and writing skills and be able to compose a productive article in English without making any errors.

Write for Us + Shopping Reference Topics

As we requested core and awareness-generation topics, guest post writers may refer to the topics listed below.

  • Big brands’ sales and offers and the real truth behind them. 
  • Methods for finding legitimate shopping offers on an online shopping website
  • A comparative analysis of offline and online shopping
  • Preventive measures to stay vigilant of online scammers

Shopping Write for Us Presentation Rules

  • The average word limit of the article is around 1000 to 1200 words, but the minimum and maximum word limits are around 750 to 2000 words. But do not breach the mentioned word count level.
  • Articles should include an appealing introduction and conclusion. And after completing the conclusion section, the Write for Us+ Shopping writers should add the comment section below that.
  • Guest post writers should present their unique way of writing; please don’t copy anyone’s content or content writing style. Everyone’s writing style will differ and show that to us. Thus, all the contents have to be 100% original and unique. 
  • The article should not contain any grammatical, syntax, or punctuation errors.

“Write for Us” + Shopping articles SEO Guidelines

  • The guest post writers should add inbound and outbound links which will help the article to gain more web traffic for that particular article.
  • The writers can use our website’s other article links when adding the inbound links. Please include our articles as internal links; 2-3 links are all that is required, but if you stuff the articles with too many website links, your SEO score will be decreased.

Shopping + “Write for Us” articles Benefits

  • The respective authors will get author credit or even a by-line. As a result, writers will undoubtedly gain recognition.
  • To promote the article, our team will share it in our social media forums too.
  • Our website has good web traffic, and thanks to our wider reader base, the guest poster’s article will get more impressions as well because of that.

Shopping “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

The completed article should be sent to the specified Email Address [infoindywood@gmail.com ] by the writers. Please contact this email address for any doubts or clarifications.


We have another benefit for our interested guest post writers. If any of the writers have their own blog or website, kindly send the link along with the document and don’t use it as an internal link. We will skim through the Write for Us Shopping Guest Post writer’s portfolio and add it as an inbound Shopping link in our website article too. Thus, writers can trust us for their bright future.

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