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Read this post on Write for Us Travel to learn about all the details about joining our guest post community.

Are you a traveler? Are you interested in writing about your experiences? If yes, you can write for us. We are currently providing opportunities to writers and bloggers who want to express themselves through articles. Anyone willing to kick start their blogging career can write for us. This post on Write for Us Travel will discuss about all the crucial tips and guidelines related to our website, so we suggest everyone to stay connected till the end.

About our website

Our website deals in publishing high quality articles and write ups. Our articles are demanded by many people worldwide. We have also received many positive comments and reviews on our articles. We focus on publishing articles which are easy to read and understand so that everyone can understand the article without much hassle. Our website is perfect for people who are willing to give a larger explosure to their write-ups. We provide articles on a number of topics such as health, fitness, gaming and many more. 

Guidelines for Write for Us + Travel

Our company follows some guidelines while publishing articles. These guidelines are crucial and helps bloggers to write the desired article. Writers should also note that if a writer neglects or ignores these guidelines, there article will be cancelled. So, we advise readers to read all the guidelines and understand them well. The following are some important instructions of our website. 

  • Maintain word limit: Our articles are always published within a word limit. Our company currently the uses the word limit of 500 to 1000 words. Bloggers are suggested to write their articles on Write for Us + Travel within this limit.
  • Check grammatical errors: Grammatical errors are the main reason why some articles seem unefficent and improper. Hence, we advise writers to use grammar checking tools and check for all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Writers should also make sure that their grammar score is 98+.
  • Avoid plagiarism: Plagiarism happens when some content is copied word to word from another content. Plagiarism can lead to cancellation of the article so it is suggested for writers to use some plagiarism checking tools and check for any kind of piracy on the content on travel write for us.
  • Use confirmed details: It is very important for writers to make sure that their content is accurate and not fake. The internet is filled with fake content but a writer should always select the most authentic content. Besides this, bloggers should never add their own data or try to exaggerate anything in the content.
  • Use keywords: Writers should make sure to include keywords in their articles. Usually keywords are placed within a word gap of 90 to 110 words. Writers should use some high quality keywords and should also highlight them with blue ink.
  • Place external link: External links are the links which are placed for further reference. Writers should make sure to add an external link in the article on Write for Us Travel. Also, it is advisable to highlight the article with green ink. 
  • Use polite words: Readers are the ones for which we write articles so it is a writers duty to use kind and polite words to the readers. Any kind of offensive or explicit words should be avoided by writers and friendly words should be included.
  • Make article easy to understand: It is very important to write articles which are good as well as easy to understand. Writers should always use uncomplicated words in their articles so that it becomes easy for everyone to gain knowledge.

Suggested topics for Write for Us Travel

There are a number of topics in which writers can publish their content. We are writing down some examples below for new writers to take inspiration.

  • What is the best budget friendly travel destinations?
  • What are the best travel hacks to use on a trip?
  • What are the best beaches to travel?
  • What are some historical places to travel?
  • What should we pack for a trip?

Qualifications needed

A student or even a housewife can become a blogger in our website as we do not require any kind of heavy qualifications. However, a writer should have good writing skills and should be fluent in English. Also, writer should be able to present an article on Write for Us Travel in an attractive manner. Also, a writer should be able to identify between useful and useless information in the article. Writer should neglect the fake information and always include the most accurate details. Besides this, there are no further qualifications needed in our company.

How to submit articles?

Writers can easily submit their articles to our EMAIL ADDRESS info@indywood.org. Afterwards, we will check the content for any errors and will notify you shortly. 


To conclude this post on Write for Us Travel, all the information related to the terms and conditions of our website has been well explained in this article. Other than this, if any writer faces any problem then they should contact our website. Please visit this page to learn more about travel 

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