Xibachao com Legit (July 2021) Check The Reviews Here!

Xibachao com Legit (July 2021) Check The Reviews Here!

Website Review

Xibachao com Legit (July 2021) Check The Reviews Here! >> Do you enjoy online shopping? The write-up will assist you in purchasing products by determining the legitimacy of the site.

Do you like to acquire a variety of products from a single marketplace? If so, then this write-up will help you to make a happy purchase.

Nowadays, Peoples of the United States has a hectic life, so no one likes to roam around. Everyone now gets habituated to doing their shop digitally. Xibachao is such a platform which have all of the sections available at the same time. So, Let’s check Is Xibachao com Legit or not in-depth.

Is Xibachao.com a scam?

The credibility parameters listed here will get utilized to assess whether this website provides genuine goods to people or tries to fool them with false claims.

  • Domain Registration Date – The domain date of this website is 16th September 2020.
  • Trust Index  – This Site’s trust score is 2%  per cent, which is unsatisfactory.
  • Alexa Rank – As per Alexa ratings, the Portal seems to have a score of 0.
  • User Feedback – The products options listed on the webpage appear to have no Xibachao com Reviews.
  • Copied Content – There seem to be no uncommon item specifics on the webpage, so it appears genuine.
  • Policies – There seems to be a section on this website devoted to returning and shipments guidelines.
  • Location Originality – The office location is visible and seems to be trustworthy.
  • Social Networking sites – The webpage has social media pages; however, these aren’t active.
  • Owner information – There is no proprietor info on the Portal, which is crucial in verifying the reliability of a site.
  • Illogical offers – The Site does not appear to have any sales or discounts mentioned.

Is Xibachao com Legit? Currently, the Portal appears to be average.

What is Xibachao com Portal?

Xibachao.com got created on 16th September 2020. This website promises to be one of the top e-commerce stores, offering various sections and sets of medical care, furnishings, electronics, foodstuffs, domestic necessities, and tech items that improve people’s lives. 

Without contact with the delivery guy, this site guarantees a 100 per cent safe and easy shipment. The site gets presently headquartered in the United States, and its address is present over the official site. Now let proceed to examine Is Xibachao com Legit or not, including the views of its users.

What are the specifications of Xibachao com Portal:

  • Domain Age – 16th September 2020
  • Official website URL –  https://xibachao.com/shop
  • Categories Section – All variety of products 
  • Email Account – support@xibachao.com 
  • Contact Details – +1 (816) 301-5400
  • Method of Payment  – Mastercard, Paypal, VISA and more
  • Return Guideline – By 30 days of purchasing
  • Refund Policy- Present
  • Exchange Policy – Within 30 business days
  • Delivery Guideline – Approx 9-10 days
  • Shipment Charge – Free delivery around the United States
  • Headquarter Location – 5101 Speaker Rd, Kansas City, KS 66106, United States
  • Social Media Involvement– Symbols are present but not working

Take a glance at this site’s benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of the Portal: Is Xibachao com Legit

  • Customer feedback is freely available on the internet.
  • All contact information is present on the site.
  • It promises to be offering a massive weekly discount.
  • It claims to offer free shipping on orders over $100.
  • The presence of the email account is a good indication.

Cons of the Portal

  • Upon on social media sites, there seems to be no engagement.
  • The application links are published; however, they did not work.
  • There seem to be no genuine buyer evaluations posted on the site.
  • It does have a Common business address that is leading us wrong. 

Customer Reviews

 We search on the web for user Xibachao com Reviews. It is an e-commerce website that claimed to provide a large selection of Mobile phones , televisions, audio systems, and other kitchen appliances.

The vast majority of people like the web, and it has a five-star ranking elsewhere, also we’ve seen on other websites that a few are reporting the web page is a fraud, and the web page app isn’t operating. Also, the feedback page is absent on the official website. 


Is Xibachao com Legit? Sadly, there are few spots in the closing category that suggest anything about truth. Since the web page is around a year aged, it seems to have no social impression, no legitimate online reviews, and far more. 

Have you purchased any products from this site? Feel free to post down.

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