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[Updated] Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video: Is The Clip Viral Link On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram. Is It Legit Action!


The guide shares details about the trending Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video in the news these days. Find what this post shares.

Do you know who Zanele Sifuba is? Why the Free State Legislature’s speaker is trending these days? The present week has registered many incidents, of which the illicit video of the speaker is in the news these days. 

Zanele Sifuba, the Free State Legislature speaker, is in the news because of a leaked video that shows her without clothes talking with an unknown person. The miscreant has leaked the video to extort money from her. 

People worldwide are worried about the incident and want to learn more about the Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video.    

More About the Leaked Video!

Zanele Sifuba, the Free State Legislature Speaker, is in the news these days, especially after a leaked video trending on major social media channels. Some of her illicit images and videos are shared by a miscreant attempting to extort money from the speaker. 

Many worldwide followers are shocked after streaming the leaked video. The miscreant claimed that the woman in the video was the speaker, Zanele Sifuba. He is now trying to take money from her, but she refuses.

The video features a woman without clothes and is circulated on social media. The authorities have condemned the videos and pictures.  

Clip Viral Link On Twitter – When the Video Went Viral?

The video of Zanele Sifuba was leaked online on different social media channels, including Twitter. The video was first leaked on 9th Nov 2022 and went viral soon after it was revealed. Many people watched the video and clips on social media and expressed their thoughts. 

However, the miscreant who leaked the video was attempting to take out money from the speaker claiming that the footage was of Zanele Sifuba, the Free State Legislature speaker. But, the speaker denied paying him. 

Before the leaked videos on Twitter, images were circulated on social media channels, including Reddit. The first images were leaked on 31st October 2022 on social media. The person who leaked the video on social media has been condemned by authorities and urged for investigation. 

Who is Zanele Sifuba?

Zanele Sifuba, or Beauty Ntombizanele Sifuba, is an educator and a politician from South Africa, and she has been serving as a speaker for Free State Provincial Legislature since 2019. Zanele Sifuba is also a member from the African National Congress.   

However, the politician is in the news because of a viral leaked video claiming to be of Zanele Sifuba. A young foreigner is believed to be the man behind the Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video. He allegedly leaked such a video to extort R150 000 from the speaker. But she denied him to pay. So, he leaked the video on social media, claiming that the woman in the video was Zanele Sifuba and she was communicating with an unknown man without her clothes.

Extortion and Blackmailing of Zanele Sifuba!

After the video went viral on multiple social media channels, Zanele’s spokesperson, Life Mokone, clarified the disgusting video and images circulating online. He added that the video originator is faceless, and he is suspected of being a foreigner. He asked for R150 000 from the speaker, and when she refused, he leaked those videos on Telegram, Twitter, and other social media channels.  

The miscreant used multiple cellular numbers and confessed that he fabricated the content to force the speaker to pay him the ransom. He did that because he wanted Zanele Sifuba to be fired as a speaker. 

The spokesperson also added Zanele Sifuba is seeking legal action against the people behind the explicit videos and images. She demands an investigation and legal action against the people behind the circulating photos and videos.   

Where the Videos Leaked and Its Links?

On 31st October 2022, the first image was leaked on social media. Below is the list of links to those videos and pictures. 

Twitter – The Clip Viral on Twitter was leaked on 9th Nov 2022, claiming that it is the leaked video of the speaker. 

There are also videos shared on YouTube and other popular social media channels. The discussion forum also has some images of the speaker. You can check the Images here. The image was shared on 9th Nov 2022.


A viral video of a politician is viral on social media and has garnered many views and comments from users. However, it was the fabricated video and image originated by a faceless person. He leaked the videos in an attempt to extort money from the speaker.  

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Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video – FAQ!

Who is Zanele Sifuba?

Zanele Sifuba is a speaker and politician from South Africa, serving as a speaker for Free State Provincial Legislature since 2019.

Who is the Husband of Zanele Sifuba?

The husband’s name is not shared on the internet. Zanele Sifuba is married and the couple has one son and three daughters. 

Why is Zanele Sifuba Trending?

The speaker is trending because of a Zanele Sifuba Leaked Video on different social media channels.     

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