Covidqueue Com (Aug) Check Out The New Solution Here!

Covidqueue Com (Aug) Check Out The New Solution Here!


Covidqueue Com (Aug) Check Out The New Solution Here! >> This article shares the essential details about the vaccination site that make the process easy but seems new. Read till the end.

Are you still waiting for your turn to get vaccinated? Your wait is over, and we bring you a website that is going to take care of your vaccinations and make you prepare to fight COVID. Now you don’t have to worry about vaccine vacancies, neither you have to keep track of your second dose; this website will do all the work for you. This website has been in the highlight in Australia for quite a long.

If you are interested to know further, then keep reading Covidqueue com.

What is Covidqueue?

 It is a website available in Sydney, Australia; it helps you get a slot for your vaccine when you are near Sydney or in Sydney. It books your vaccine in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, St Vincent Hospital, Olympic Park, Westmead Hospital. Once you are done taking your vaccine, this website will ring an alarm when it’s time for your second vaccine. Reddit users created it because it was getting difficult to get the vaccine in Sydney.

In a nutshell, it helps you get your vaccine and reminds you when it is time for the second dose.

Is Covidqueue com Scam or Legit!

The website domain is very new, and it’s tough to judge a domain like this. Still, we have mentioned some points we think a website should have and what the website lacks.

  • The domain is created in 2021 July, which is too young to be trusted.
  • The website is currently down, which can happen because too many users or the website do not work correctly.
  • The website only works if you are in Sydney or near Sydney.
  • It can give you vaccine slots for some particular hospitals only.
  • We couldn’t find customer reviews for this website.

 For various reasons, we find Covidqueue com suspicious. 

Pros of  using the site

  • The website tells you when there are slots available so that you can book your vaccine.
  • It gives your sloths in Sydney and nearby places.
  • It keeps a reminder for you when it is time for your second vaccine to don’t miss your dose.

Drawback of

  • The website only provides slots in some particular hospitals, so it becomes very inconvenient for some people as they don’t have many options on their hands.
  • Covidqueue com  is currently running very low, and the reason is unknown. It can happen because of too many users, or perhaps it doesn’t work.
  • Customer reviews are missing on the website, which makes it difficult for us to judge the website.
  • The website is only for people who live in Sydney or nearby.

Check out the site now.


It is visibly a new website that claims to make your vaccination process easy, but it has many flaws that restrain us from attracting this website. The website is too slow to use, and it is only available in Sydney. 

The biggest problem of Covidqueue com  is that it can only offer you four hospitals that are not enough for the people. The cases are growing, and the population is higher, so they need to incorporate other hospitals. We hope that our article was helpful for you and if you like our articles, do not forget to write us in the comment below. 

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