Complete Information About 5 Things to Do Before Wow Patch 10.2

5 Things to Do Before Wow Patch 10.2

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Patch 10.2 «Guardians of the Dream» is right around the corner – the release date has not been revealed yet, but it’s expected to launch later this fall, and speculations suggest the middle of November, right after the Blizzcon event. That means there is not much time left to complete certain seasonal activities before the achievements and rewards are gone forever and replaced with new ones on rotation in Season 3. Let’s figure out which things to focus on while you have the chance and how to prepare for the new content.

Complete Mythic+ Season 2 Achievements

As soon as Season 2 marks its final hours, many achievements and rewards become unobtainable or unavailable for an unknown period. 

First, interested players should focus on reaching the M+ Score thresholds of 2000 and 2500 ratings for the Keystone Master and Keystone Hero achievements. These are going away forever, and now is your only chance to get these Feats of Strength and Inferno Armoredon mount.

The second priority is for the dungeon-specific achievements, such as Keystone Hero: Freehold, rewarded for completing the dungeon on M+20 difficulty in time. The M+ rotation of Dragonflight and Legacy dungeons will change in the upcoming season, and no one knows how long you will have to wait for the next opportunity to play these dungeons on M+. It’s best to push the keystones now and unlock FoS and Dungeon Teleports. And if you can’t find a group to complete keys on such a high difficulty, you can always secure an achievement for the chosen dungeon with the wow boost service.

Here’s a list of the dungeons that are retiring with the end of Season 3 and which ones are replacing them on the rotation:

Season 2 Dungeons Season 3 Dungeons
Brackenhide Hollow Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond’s Fall
Halls of Infusion  Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond’s Rise
Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Darkheart Thicket
Neltharus Black Rook Hold 
Freehold Waycrest Manor
The Underrot Atal’Dazar 
Neltharion’s Lair Everbloom 
The Vortex Pinnacle Throne of the Tides 

Finish Aberrus Raiding

Not only finding the group for the Aberrus will be much more difficult with the release of the new tier, but the feats of strength for defeating the final boss of the raid will be gone. If you still have not killed the Sarkareth on Heroic difficulty for the Ahead of the Curve achievement or are struggling to progress the Mythic for Cutting Edge, now’s the time to make the final push. Farming the boss for the Highland Drake mount drop and the Evoker Legendary will also be more complicated, so give it more attempts while you still can.

It is worth mentioning that gearing up even with Heroic Aberrus gear and upgrading it to max potential will give you a great jumpstart in Patch 10.2. Starting at a higher item level will require less farming, and you’ll be able to jump into higher-difficulty content immediately, preparing for the launch of the next raid – Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope.

Earn PvP Season 2 Rewards

PvP players should focus their strength on reaching desired ratings and claiming seasonal rewards, including Elite PvP gear for reaching 1800 Rating in any competitive division, filling the progress bar towards the Vicious mount, or securing the final wins on the Solo Shuffle to achieve the Legend title. The best players should join efforts and achieve the prestigious Obsidian Gladiator’s title and seasonal mount.

Competing in PvP is a challenging task, especially on the higher ratings. So, it’s important to plan this accordingly and push the ratings with some extra time to spare in case you have difficult opponents and will have to recover and reach the desired ranks and rewards.

Catch Up Alt Characters

Big content updates tend to shake up the meta in both PvP and PvE – it’s best to be prepared for any changes and have your characters ready to go into action on short notice. To do that, you should take your time, level them to the max level, and gear them up with the decent starting gear up to 424-437 item level.

There are a few ways to get the catch-up gear before the launch of the patch. First, you should craft and upgrade as many pieces of gear as possible with the Sparks of Shadowflame and utilize the Wyrm or Aspect crests to re-craft them at a higher item level. Secondly, participate in the Dreamsurge events that drop veteran gear upgradable to 424 ilvl and the currency to purchase such items from the event vendor. Weekly Dreamsurge quest provides you Champion gear, which can be improved up to 437 ilvl.

Get Ready For New Legendary

If you wish to chase the upcoming Legendary weapon, you should know it will be the 2-Handed Axe, available only for Paladins, Warriors, and DKs. So, unless you are playing one of these classes, it’s time to level up and master one of those to-be-wielders of Fyr’alath the Dream Render. While there is no specific information on how to get the weapon, the developers shared that players can work towards the goal and achieve this powerful reward through a meaningful progression, perhaps a quest involving the new raid and its final boss, the current owner of the weapon. So, prepare your characters for the challenges and the pursuit of the legendary axe.

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