Complete Information Why Players Are Gradually Resorting to the Services

Why Players Are Gradually Resorting to the Services, Regardless of Experience and Equipment

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Starting to play online games, many players find themselves in a kind of fairy tale – where pumping is fast, locations, tasks and monsters are passed quickly and dynamically, but gradually the joy begins to give way to painstaking work.

Quests no longer bring a lot of experience, more effort needs to be made, weapons become obsolete and become irrelevant, and new ones are no longer issued as often, or not given at all.

Gold runs out quickly and is poorly mined, and for serious purchases you need a lot of currency, so players quickly begin to think about an alternative way to earn money and even buy game gold.

How to buy gold in an online game

You must remember that the procedure for buying game values for real money in itself is illegal and may be punished by the game administration with game sanctions and the seizure of gold.

But do not worry – services that sell game currency are interested in you receiving your order quickly, safely and in full.

To do this, various methods are used to ensure the anonymity and security of the client and disguise the entire process as a standard exchange between players, including with the participation of gold, which is not hindered in any way by the game administration.

You just need to go to the Skycoach website, make sure that your game is in the list of supported ones, or check with the manager for the availability of game gold and place an order.

How gold is transferred for security

So that the game administration does not have questions to the player and a reason to impose game sanctions, the Skycoach service uses several masking methods, regardless of which MMO RPG the order was placed in.

  1. Transfer from hand to hand with the help of a character – you order gold and it is delivered to you and handed over to your hero. For security, a character is used that has more than one hour of being in the game, and the exchange itself is not free of charge. You must give some insignificant item that is needed in order for everything to look like an exchange in the eyes of the game administration, especially in the case of a transfer of a large amount of gold.
  2. Sending using in-game mail – Many World of Warcraft and Lineage 2 projects have a mail forwarding system. It is needed for the independent transfer of goods from one character to another, including for your secondary hero and the remote exchange of resources, items and gold between players. Services use this mechanic to deliver redeemed currency to the player. To do this, a character is discussed, to which the client sends an item for redemption for the specified amount of gold, and after the redemption he will receive his gold in a completely safe way.
  3. Buying a lot using auction and commission trading – Many developed and popular MMO projects have a remote trading system that allows players to trade with each other remotely, rather than planting hundreds of characters on the trading floor. For services, this is an ideal condition for transferring paid orders. The game administration does not interfere in the transaction itself – they give the players the right to decide for themselves what to buy and how to spend – it is only important for them that there is no obvious RMT, a transaction with real money. Thus, the client creates a lot and exposes it for the amount that the service must pay, and when buying out the lot, Skycoach fulfills its obligations. It is important to exhibit such lots that are easily recognizable and cannot be confused.

Boosting and execution

Orders for boosting, or character leveling, are one of the most common services that are ordered from services after gold.

To order boosting, it often pushes several game situations.

  1. You urgently need to catch up with the maximum level of the current update, or patch, in order to gain access to new lands and quests.
  2. You need a character to extract key resources, and as you know, higher levels come with better materials, but you don’t want to pump out the hero yourself.
  3. You need a new hero who will cover the needs of the group for a while, or you yourself want to change the main character. For example, to farm raids you need a healer, you yourself will pump it three times longer than if you entrust this business to a professional Skycoach player.

The boosting procedure when ordering from a professional service is as follows

You transfer the account to the service employee and the process of pumping your hero begins.

Such a procedure is needed to exclude factors of personal interference that can harm the entire procedure and the pumping speed as well.

You may lose the light, or the Internet, the hero may die, and because of your absence at the PC, it will not be possible to promptly resurrect him and you need to constantly be in place.

In turn, after the transfer of the account, all the work is done by the Skycoach employee – he controls the process and adjusts the pace that is convenient for him in order to complete the order as quickly as possible.

For security, VPN is used when logging into your account, and the service guarantees the safety of all valuable items and personal data and does not transfer them to third parties – all services are performed exclusively by verified Skycoach employees.

Learning to play the character

Sometimes, instead of ordering a series of services, players want to gain new experience and increase the level of knowledge that will not only add an advantage, but also help in the longer term.

To do this, they order work with a professional trainer who helps the player get comfortable with the main mechanics and learn how to use his hero effectively.

You will be taught the technique of proper leveling and collecting resources, the principles of building builds from the most powerful skills and explaining the general principles for choosing the right decisions, behavior techniques in PVP and PVE, general communication and, most importantly, self-control when using skills.

The latter will help players who throw out all their key skills in the first seconds of the battle, and then a more cold-blooded and prudent opponent simply uses their strengths and breaks through a target that no longer has such protection or means of attack.

Trainer Skycoach teaches, on the contrary, to save your key skills and lure the enemy’s skills on the principle of constant weakening and attacks at the most profitable stage of PVP.

It will not do without advice on the general method of leveling the character, so that you are comfortable, taking into account the style of the game. You don’t have to sit on quests if you hate them. Many projects have a grind that will perfectly replace the task system.

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