Frankspeech com Cyber Symposium {Aug} Checkout Here!

Frankspeech com Cyber Symposium {Aug} Checkout Here!


Frankspeech com Cyber Symposium {Aug} Checkout Here! >> This post shares the details about the viral news coming from social media about the 2020 voting system.

On Tuesday, the news is circulating over the web that Mike Lindell became the victim of a cyber attack. It results in a delay in the start of his cyber symposium. He said, the whole technology is attacked, and we need to get out of this world. 

When the news came, it got viral on the United States and Canada news channels. Today, we will talk a little about Mike Lindell, his Frankspeech com Cyber Symposium, and trends on cyber attacks.

Who is Mike Lindell?

Michael James Lindell is famous as My Pillow Guy. He is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and conspiracy theorist. Also, he is the founder of My Pillow, inc, a pillow, slipper, and bedding manufacturing company. Besides, Mike is the founder of Lindell Foundation, an NGO that supports drug-addicted people. 

In 2021, it was supported that Lindell was launching an alt-tech social media platform. It will be a cross between YouTube and Twitter, which would be different from Gab and Parler. Initially, it is called Vocal, which further renames Frank. It was launched in April 2021 that primarily features embedded video content, conspiracy theories, etc. 

So, what is frankspeech com cyber symposium? We will discuss this below, so keep reading.

What’s this news about?

Lindell announced in media and the live crowd in Sioux Falls that he was the victim of a cyber attack. The whole technology was attacked, and we need to get out of this as soon as possible. The three-days scheduling event began on Tuesday, and people were excited to know cyber symposium. 

In his first statement of conspiracy theory, he said that the 2020 U.S election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. This was live streaming for 72 hours which was live straight from the frankspeech com cyber symposium platform. Also, he offered huge sale offers on My Pillow products

In live streaming of the symposium, Lindell has claimed he would provide facts that show external force hacked the election so that President Joe Biden would defeat Trump. Further, he claimed that his proof would result in the Supreme Court collectively turning the election results.

Further, he added, if anybody in attendance at Cyber Symposium can disagree with his statement and have valid proof, he will pay them $5 million

What do you think about the same? Don’t hesitate to write us your thoughts.

Frankspeech com Cyber Symposium

In his channel, Lindell Frankspeech indicated that there would be several cyber professionals, reputable politicians, and media attending the event. In addition, he told the Washington Times an interview that delegates from roughly 45 countries registered to participate.

The domain voting systems have sued Lindell for $1.3 billion in damages and slander on his claims that machines were rigged. To know more about this news, click here.  

The bottom Line

The cyber symposium was set to live stream for 72 hours, but Lindell delays by claiming that he was attacked and that his whole system is hacked. 

Yet, it is unclear it was true or just a publicity stunt. What’s your take on this news? Please share your Frankspeech com Cyber Symposium reviews in the given comment box.

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