Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025 (Aug) Check The Figures!

Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025 (Aug) Check The Figures!

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Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025 (Aug) Check The Figures! >> The article introduces a new digital currency that has recently launched. Then kindly read the entire article to learn more on this.

Are you familiar with the term “cryptocurrency”? Do you often trade in cryptocurrencies? If you’re a regular trader, you’ve probably observed that cryptocurrency prices have risen at a rapid pace.

Digital currency is being invested in by individuals in India and all across the world. A digital currency, Iotx Coin which is a sort of digital asset. Keep reading the article to know about Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025 with each specific.

What is Iotx Coin?

IoTeX began as an open-source project in 2017 to empower free markets for machines. Humans and computers can engage with assured confidence, free will, or under properly optimized incentive structures in this decentralized environment.

IoTeX has a massive network of over 40 data analysis researchers and technologists who constructed their EVM-compatible cryptocurrency from the ground up using the creative Roll-DPoS consensus and initiated in April 2019 was used by over 100 representatives globally and already filtered over 10 million dealings. Before moving into Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025, let’s know about Iotx founders.

About Iotx Founders

Xinxin Fan, QevanGuo, Raullen Chai, and Jing Sun are the IoTeX inventors.

Raullen Chai is a founder of IoTeX, a consultant at BootUP Technologies, and a director of the Internet Of things. He formerly worked at Uber as the head of crypto R&D and technical safety. Hyperconnect Lab’s co-founder, QevanGuo, is indeed a co-founder. He also used to work at Fb as a medical researcher and structural engineer.

Xinxin Fan was a senior scientist at Bosch Innovation & Engineering Centre, North America, before co-founding IoTeX. He has also worked in the Department of Waterloo as a senior scientist and project coordinator.

Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025 and Price Chart

Today’s current IoTeX value is $0.096262 USD, having $2,790,713,614 USD in 24-hour market cap. Throughout the past 24 hours, IoTeX has increased by 212.53 percent. 

About Iotx Coin Predictions

During the last few days, Iotx has functioned admirably. Furthermore, the IOTX price has increased by nearly 25% in the previous seven days. If the pattern continues, IOTX may follow the bulls, breaking through the $0.11 support level and climbing upward. However, if buyers go against cryptocurrency, the negative may seize control and dethrone IOTX from its upward position. In layman’s terms, the value of IOTX could drop to about $0.0087, indicating a negative indication. As per Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025, the expected price will be $0.8057.

Info About Iotx Token Supply

With a live stock price of $918,416,354 USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks #88. There are 9,540,779,324 IOTX currencies, with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 IOTX tokens.

How to buy an Iotx Token? A perfect guide with Trust wallet

  • Install Trust wallet. Buy Smart chain BNB from the main account.
  • Dapps can be found at the end. Afterwards, select the pancake swap option.
  • Link your wallet by clicking the “Link wallet” icon on the top.
  • Copy / paste the contract address into the pancake swap’s chosen payment box.
  • Next, you purchase the Safe Vault token by inputting the value of the BNB you desire to purchase and selecting the accepted choice.

FAQ’s on Iotx Coin Price Prediction 2025

  • Will IOTX ever reach $1?

Indeed, this could take upwards of 20 years to hit USD 1.

  • In five years, how much will IOTX be valuable?

It’s most likely worth $0.050.

  • What will IOTX be valued in 2030?

The most likely cost is $0.102.

Final Verdict

In 2021, IoTeX seems to have a high potential. We could see IOTX achieve greatness in India due to the continuous advancements inside the IOTX community and in the general bitcoin network. Click here to know Bitcoin Scammer List 2021.

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