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How to Get a Rust Hazmat Suit?

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Rust is a delightful adventure game that requires you to exercise your survival skills. The world of Rust is full of dangers and traitors, and therefore, to increase the chances of survival, you should use all possible means. The Hazmat Suit is the best piece of clothing for the Rust player. Let’s look at all its benefits.

What is the Hazmat Suit?

Hazmat Suit is a versatile suit that provides the player with protection from various dangers. First of all, this suit is designed to protect the player from radiation. It is extremely important to use it when moving in areas with high levels of radiation. However, the Hazmat Suit will also protect the player from melee attacks, explosions, bites, and low temperatures.

Moreover, a player with a Hazmat Suit is invisible to the deadly Patrol Helicopter, but an important condition is the absence of high-tier weapons in the hot bar. An unpleasant feature of this suit is that it attracts attention. Therefore, when meeting with opponents, you have to test all the capabilities of the suit.

How Good are Hazmat Suits in Rust?

The Hazmat Suit is a really effective Rust armor. This item may seem rare to new players, but experienced players actually have several of these. Also, all scientists have a Hazmat Suit. This suit provides 50% protection from radiation, 30% from the projectile, 30% from melee, 8% from bites, 8% from cold, and 5% from explosions.

How to Get a Hazmat Suit in Rust?

The Rust player has many ways to get the coveted Hazmat suit. Crate and Underwater Lab Blue Crate have the highest success rate. The chance is 4%. All other methods are less likely.

  • Military Tunnel Scientist – 3%
  • Treasure Box – 2%
  • Excavator Scientist – 2%
  • Military Base Scientist – 2%
  • Oil Rig Scientist – 2%
  • Patrol Scientist – 2%
  • Arctic Scientist – 2%
  • Cargo Shit Scientist – 2%
  • Locked Crate – 2%
  • Tunnel Dweller – 2%
  • Underwater Dweller – 2%
  • Elite Tier Crate – 1%
  • Roaming Scientist – 1%
  • Underwater Lab Elite Crate – 1%
  • Underwater Lab Yellow Crate – 1%
  • Military Crate – 0.5%
  • Heavy Scientist – 0.08%

One of the most effective ways to get a Hazmat Suit is to take it from other players. To be successful, you need to have a good weapon and master it well. You need to kill the player and rob him. As a rule, players with good equipment have more than one suit.

You can also make the costume yourself. This will require certain resources. You need: 

  • Blueprints (Hazmat Suit Blueprint and Sewing Kit Blueprint);
  • Ingredients (5 Tarp, 2 Sewing Kit, 8 High-Quality Metal, 20 Cloth, 3 ft Rope);
  • Workbenches (Workbench level 1 and Workbench level 2)

Crafting the suit against radiation is a long and expensive process that is not worth the effort at all. However, if you don’t have a chance to get the suit, you can focus on collecting ingredients and studying blueprints.

What is the Best Hazmat Suit Skin in Rust?

The Hazmat Suit looks great, but if you’re bored with the traditional bow, you can change it up with the help of Rust skins. Skins for Hazmat Suit are unbelievable. In addition, you can earn money by buying an item. To do this, it is worth buying a skin at a cheap price and waiting for the right time to resell it at a higher cost. Let’s take a look at the best Hazmat Suit skins.

Nomad Outfit

This skin has a design that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the Rust world. This skin only changes the appearance of the costume, all the characteristics are similar to the traditional costume. The price of the Nomad Outfit skin is $9.99.


Spacesuit is a neat, mesmerizing skin. For the world of Rust, this skin is a real curiosity. The average cost of a skin is $15. However, it is quite difficult for players to buy or sell it for more than $16.

Arctic Hazmat Suit

Additionally, Rust players can test out the Arctic Hazmat Suit. This is an analog of an anti-radiation suit. It looks like a blue suit with fur. The shoes are equipped with spikes on the soles, which makes it easier to move on ice-covered terrain. The suit includes a roomy backpack, as well as a face mask and ski goggles. Its main feature is protection from the cold.

Let’s compare the effectiveness of the protection of the arctic and anti-radiation suits against different types of threats. Both suits provide 30% protection against projectile and melee weapons. The anti-radiation suit provides 8% protection against bites, while the arctic only 5%. When moving through areas with increased levels of radiation, it is better to use the Hazmat Suit, as it gives 50% protection, while the Arctic Hazmat Suit only 33%. Nevertheless, the arctic suit boldly wins in protection from the cold. It provides 33% protection against 8% for an anti-radiation suit. The Hazmat Suit protects the player from explosions by 5%, and the Arctic Hazmat Suit only by 3%.

Wrapping It Up 

Hazmat Suit is an effective suit for protection not only from radiation but also from bites, explosions, firearms, and melee weapons. Use the Nomad Outfit, Spacesuit skins, and the arctic version of the suit to enhance your gaming experience.

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