Top 4 Platforms to Exchange MATIC to BNB

Top 4 Platforms to Exchange MATIC to BNB

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Out of 20,000 cryptocurrencies available on the market, MATIC and BNB are among the top 20 coins. MATIC is the native coin of Polygon — layer 2 blockchain, and BNB is the coin of the world-famous Binance exchange. The assets stand out with their unique features, real-world utility, and association with popular products. 

So, MATIC to BNB is one of the most popular trading pairs. You can find them on almost every exchange platform. Learn what services offer the best conditions for investors in the article.

Platforms to Exchange Matic to BNB

So, when trading crypto, you need an anonymous, fast, low-cost, and secure platform. Here is the list of the services worthy of note:


Godex is an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange for swapping MATIC to BNB and other 300 cryptocurrencies. It was launched in 2017 and does not require you to create an account or undergo the KYC process to start trading. 

Godex doesn’t have limits on trading volume or the number of daily transactions. There are no hidden fees, and exchange rates are fixed while swapping, so you can get the most profitable deal. 

Furthermore, Godex uses an SSL certificate to prevent any data interception. Along with the strong protection against DDoS attacks, all the transactions within the platform are secure. Godex offers 24/7 client support and affiliate programs for individuals and businesses.   


Another non-custodial crypto exchange platform without mandatory registration is Changenow. There are around 450 other cryptocurrencies available. You can easily buy cryptocurrencies directly from the platform for over 50 fiat currencies. 

Changenow was launched in 2017 with the main purpose to provide a quick and effective way to swap cryptocurrencies. Today there are 50,000+ trading pairs available on both the official web version and mobile app. 

The exchange platform offers fast transactions with an execution time near 5 minutes. Changenow doesn’t have upper trade volume limits (but you have to start with at least $2).

You can choose between classic or fixed rates. But note that the transaction fees are relatively high and vary from 0.5% to 4% depending on the rate type you choose. 


Simpleswap started its history in 2018 and supports fiat and crypto. You can use more than 500 crypto and fiat currencies for financial operations with or without registration. No KYC or AML verifications are required.

Another major feature of Simpleswap is its affiliate and loyalty program, where you can upgrade your level and get more cashback. There is also a Simpleswap mobile app for Android and Apple devices. You can contact the support team any time around the clock. 

Finally, you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies with floating or fixed rates. The transactions on Simpleswap are not that fast and last from 5 to 60 minutes to proceed. Another drawback is that Simpleswap does not provide you with more advanced trading tools, which are crucial for experienced traders (for example, automated trading bots).


The last platform on the list is Letsexchnage. It was launched in 2021 as a non-custodial registration-free platform. It offers you to swap over 580+ cryptocurrencies using an easy-to-navigate platform without any limits. All the transactions on LetsExchange are protected against DDoS attacks. Moreover, the website uses SSL certificates to make it more secure. 

You can choose between fixed and floating rates as well. The major drawbacks are no fiat options and a relatively short lifespan. 

Make Profit from Trading MATIC to BNB

Making a profit from trading MATIC to BNB requires an easy-to-use platform that offers fast and secure transactions with low fees. That is the starting point for you when selecting the best platform. 

However, making a final decision will require you to look closer and compare their least obvious advantages. Do it carefully and enjoy your trading.

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