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Chumbi Valley NFT (Sep) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

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This topic below has a piece of exciting information about Chumbi Valley NFT, a play-to-earn game that features several earning potentials for players.

Chumbi Valley’s NFT game is based on role-play blockchain, where players can pass several joyful hours while exploring nurturing mystical creatures and tranquil forest valleys. 

Chumbi appreciates its owners and may assist the users Philippines in earning cryptocurrencies while playing this new NFT game. Right from the start, the team focuses on forming a positive community and listening to input. 

The Chumbi Valley game system is an innovative blend of Pokemon-styled battles with an additional strategy layer. So, please scroll down and know more about Chumbi Valley NFT

What is the Chumbi Valley token?

The amazing role-playing blockchain game, Chumbi Valley, is created over the Ethereum scaling solution, the Polygon. This new role-playing game is available over PC, iOS, and Android. The game’s all monsters and items are NFTs and blockchain tokens.

Besides, the gameplay and graphics of Chumbi Valley are influenced by Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Stardw Valley, and Zelda.   

Who founded the Chumbi Valley token?

We could not find any details about the owners or founders of Chumbi Valley while exploring it over several online platforms.

Price chart of Chumbi Valley NFT:

  • 24 Hours Users- 10 684 
  • 24 Hours low- Not Available
  • 24 Hours High- Not Available 
  • 24 Hours Volume- $ 6 878 323
  • 24 Hours Transactions- 15 548 
  • Games- 443
  • Tokens- 11789
  • NFTs- 30635
  • VW Buildings- 18
  • Market Cap- Not Available 
  • Market Rank- Not Available 

Chumbi Valley Price Prediction and Statics:

Chumbi are cute amphibious species that live in a mysterious and lush woodland valley. They have a spiritual relationship to the forest and utilize magical spells to keep it safe.

The team has no intention of speeding any element of the project; their ambition for Chumbi Valley is long-lasting. Chumbi Valley NFT game is straightforward to understand but challenging to master. Besides, Chumbi earns level up and XP by winning battles.

Each time the level is up by five, it requires eating Candled Apple to head to the upcoming level. Players can craft Candled Apples by mixing Apples and Lucky Stars.

Is the Chumbi Valley token a good investment?

Players would be allowed to make money in many ways including adventuring, living off the land, and breeding rare Chumbi to enhance their talents.

The Chumbi Valley team believes that blockchain gaming, in conjunction with the play-to-earn approach, is announcing a fundamental change in the gaming industry.

Chumbi Valley NFT players always drive force behind another compelling game, and they can now be rewarded handsomely for the contribution they offer to their community. It also intends to position the idea as a visionary in this innovative gaming space.

How to buy the Chumbi Valley?

  • Chumbi Valley would be free, to begin with. 
  • You will be matched with an Ancestor Chumbi to begin your voyage. 
  • Ancestor Chumbi can assist you with simple tasks but cannot be traded or sold.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the twenty-four hours volume of Chumbi Valley NFT?

  1. The twenty-four hours volume of Chumbi Valley is approximately $ 6 878 323.

Q- How many Chumbi Valley users are there in the past twenty-four hours?  

  • There are approximately 10 684 Chumbi Valley users in the past twenty-four hours. Besides, read here to know the complete details about Chumbi Valley token.


The Chumbi Valley team considers that the time has come for blockchain games to appear like the video games you experienced childhood with. 

It offers a familiar and enjoyable gaming experience free of sophisticated blockchain jargon. You may go through the information above and learn more about Chumbi Valley NFT

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