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NFT World of Women (Aug) Check Another Digital Currency!

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NFT World of Women (Aug) Check Another Digital Currency! >> The guide shares details about the NFT token that is launched to change the entire face of the NFT space.

A new non-fungible token has been launched to take the NFT space by storm. The token is aimed to cater to the needs of the women population. It is named World of Women or WoW token. 

A team of diversified women is ready to mark their presence in the NFT space with the launch of World of Women NFT tokens. It is the ERC-721 type crypto token hosted on IPFS. It is randomly created digital collectibles available on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT World of Women token has many holders in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

What is World of Women Token?

World of Women is the non-fungible token and the brainchild of Yam Karkai. The NFT token is launched as ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is the randomly created virtual collectibles of different infrequency things. 

The NFT tokens are created for the women population specifically. The tokens focus on bringing on more presentation and diversity in the NFT space while reducing the art and collectible world gap.

The NFT World of Women has registered a considerable selling volume of 882 times more in the last week.       

Who is the Founder of World of Women?

As mentioned, the World of Women NFT token is the brainchild and invention of Yam Karkai. She is the chief creator and artist at World of Women. Raphael Malavieille is the coordinator, Toomaie is from the development team, and Boring Bored Ape @ape6743 is the Apefluencer.

The token was released on 27th July 2021 at Ethereum blockchain, and IPFS hosts it.

What is the Live Market Stats of NFT World of Women?

  • After evaluating the exchanges, we found that the live price of the token is $2996.84ETH. It has registered a decline of 1.99% in the last 24 hours. 
  • The highest trading volume registered in the last 24 hrs is $364 302. Therefore, it is the volume registered in the last 24 hrs. 
  • As per the website, the total token available for circulating supply is 10 000. The token has eleven traits and 189 attributes. 
  • The token is ranked at #2925 based on the live market capitalization. Unfortunately, there is no data available for market cap and fully diluted market cap of NFT World of Women.   

How to Buy World of Women Token?

World of Women NFT is available on the ETH blockchain, and users must have sufficient ETH to buy the token and be the part of the WoW club.

  • Signup for a digital wallet and load fiat currency
  • Link the wallet to the exchange 
  • Buy sufficient ETH using the fiat currency
  • Find the token using the contract address 0xe785E82358879F061BC3dcAC6f0444462D4b5330
  • Choose the amount of tokens you want to buy
  • Exchange ETH for the NFT World of Women
  • Click on the swap option to convert the ETH for the WoW token
  • Set a slippage, and you are done with the process 


What is the official link to the World of Women?

  • https://worldofwomen.art/is the official website of the token.

Which Contract Address to Use to buy World of Women?

  • 0xe785E82358879F061BC3dcAC6f0444462D4b5330 is the contract address to use to buy the token.

What is the Today’s Market Buyers of the Token?

  • There are 90 market buyers of the token in the last 24 hrs. 


NFT World of Women is the newly launched crypto token sold 882 times in the last week. The token is becoming the next big thing in the crypto world and attracting the worldwide women population.

It is creating a pathway for them to mark their presence in the NFT space.

Are you part of the World of Women NFT token? Would you mind sharing your opinion in the comment section? 

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