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Slp To PHP Binance {Sep 2021} How to Buy? Chart, Price

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Get the details of Slp to PHP Binance worth and other relevant notes presenting the basic details concerning SLP Coin.

Worldwide, the popularity of blockchain platforms is not only among investors, but we came across the craze for this platform usage amongst videos gamers and different game players. 

The blockchain platform also provides game playing opportunities to people to earn Crypto tokens, rewards and prizes. So across the world, you will see many youngsters seem much into playing blockchain games and earning money. So today, we present the knowledge of SLP Coin and Slp to PHP Binance information down.

About Is SLP CryptoCurrency

SLP is the short form of Smooth love potion token, which can be earned by playing a game named Axie Infinity over the blockchain platform. This coin is ERC-20 Crypto tokens. Additionally, the Coin SLP can be utilized in breeding fresh digital pets, which are recognized as Axies. 

The worth of breeding starts with a hundred small love potions but going on further, it increasing gradually. The second breed will require two hundred SLP, and the third requires three hundred Slp. For the fourth breed, five hundred Coin, the fifth eight hundred slp and the sixth one require a maximum number of slp to thirteen hundred.

So this was a brief introduction to the Coin slp. Now let’s move on further to Slp to PHP Binance knowledge!

About Small Love Potion Founders

The CEO and Founder behind this company and game is the Trung Nguyen. He left his profession as a software developer officer in the United States to focus on this blockchain project.

SLP Price Statistic 

  •  Small love potion worth: $0.08222
  •  Twenty-four hours change in price: $-0.004203
  •  24h high: $0.9073
  • 24h low: $0.8073
  •  24h trading volume: $88,093,373.65
  •  Market cap/volume: 0.5031
  • Market dominance: 0.01%
  • Market rank: #287
  •  Fully diluted market cap: $175,096,244.60
  •  Market cap: $175,096,244.60

Slp to PHP Binance Value 

Small love potion today’s rate in PHP is 4.10 Peso. The Coin being observed to have decreased by 4.37 peso in the past twenty-four hours. The 24 hours global trading of this currency is 4,023,751,571 Peso.

Slp Coin Supply Data 

  •  Circulating supply: 2.15B SLP
  • Maximum supply: no data 
  •  Total supply: 2,145,135,756

So the circulating supply of this currency is 2,145,135,756 SLPs, and the information regarding the maximum supply is not known yet.

How To Buy Small Love Potion Token?

As we already went through Slp to PHP Binance Value details in our discussion above, let’s see the steps to purchase this currency.

Buying this coin is, infact, simple and easy and can be purchased via using the card, cash, or even PayPal. Here is the five steps you need to follow up for purchasing this coin.

Make your account over coinbase and verify it.

Now visit Binance and create your account there too and get registered there too

Find the address of Ethereum wallet over Binance, and don’t miss reading out Slp to PHP Binance worth giving up.

Now transfer Ethereum to Binance from the coinbase

Use Ethereum to get a Small love potion 

If you are still confused, you may read the instructions in detail before purchasing this coin. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the current worth of Slp Coin?

Ans. $0.08152

  1. Who is the CEO of this company?

Ans. Trung Nguyen


The post already revealed Slp to PHP Binance details in the write-up. So now it’s all upon you if you want to get this coin or not. But before making any investment in crypto-currency, you should be aware of 

Have you ever invested in this coin? Please comment below. 

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