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Staff Augmentation vs Outsourcing a Dedicated Team


Are you looking for IT support staff that will be dedicated to your project? Read Staff augmentation vs outsourcing a dedicated team to learn more.

Conventions, contradictions and deep reflections await the business owner if he does not know what to do when new digital projects need to be developed. And the speech always falls purely on the budget that the entrepreneur can allocate for this action. Naturally, both staffing and outsourcing – both options have their own benefits and features, but again, returning to financial resources – it all depends on the budget. If it was decided to outsource the project, then the right decision would be to turn to professionals, and if it staff augmentation, then contact a close-knit team that is ready to start implementing ideas of any size and complexity.

What perspectives and factors are important to consider?

If you look closely at modern realities, instability, dynamism, changes in the business environment, you can understand one factor – the lack of competent IT specialists is increasing due to the fact that customers need those who are not afraid of difficulties, constantly work on themselves and improve themselves, try a new format that is not afraid of difficulties and develops in step with digital technologies. This is today’s reality. The market needs professionals who can quickly adapt to innovation. Now the ability to quickly learn and adapt to innovations is a big plus.

Why should one take advantage of staff expansion and what are the prospects for such a solution?

When deciding to increase the staff, it should be remembered that this service is outsourced. When the contractor is ready to provide competent programmers from his company for them to sign a cooperation agreement for a certain amount of time, as well as personal computer office equipment and materials.

On the practical side, this is convenient, because the client’s staff will be increased significantly, and it will also be possible to attract one of their employees to help the hired programmers. Such an action in practice will help to reduce the financial and time costs for the selection of new personnel, payroll, and the implementation of a business project. Companies like VentureDive, have been talking about staff augmentation for quite a while now. Services like Software development and Software Quality assurance are easy to be outsourced and do not add more variable costs to the businesses requiring these services. .

What is the advantage of outsourcing a dedicated team of contractors?

When a business project can be completely given over to “someone else’s hands”, then this is more profitable because you can save money, time, and nerves. And here it’s more about the fact that the team of contractors takes on the full range of services according to the terms of reference from the client:

  • Development of a software product from scratch;
  • Analysis and design;
  • Creation of a new design based on UI / UX;
  • Ensuring the full quality of the project;
  • Complete project management;
  • Support and further service.

That is, in fact, the team undertakes the execution of tasks related to the business project in full, and when the result is ready, it demonstrates the final work to the client. In turn, a client who does not participate in the management and development process, does not provide additional employees from the company, and does not even control the processes for creating a new project, accepts or does not accept the work given to him.

Naturally, in most cases, everything goes well, since professionals act purely according to technical requirements and a pre-prepared task from the client, so there simply cannot be mistakes or misunderstandings. But there are times when the customer wants to add, modify, modernize or improve, correct or change something, then the contractor team fulfills such a requirement, because the customer’s wish has a crucial role.

It is very important to understand that the outsourcing of a special team is advantageous by all criteria in that it offers significant savings in all real resources that are important for a busy person. Moreover, the contractors themselves decide how best to develop the project, for example, vue development services or on another framework that best suits your business goals.

What is still important, both for outsourcing and for the staffing model?

Whatever business project model the customer chooses, it should be remembered that both teams will work for the result. So, they will be guided by such factors:

  • Responsibility.
  • Budget.
  • Organizational culture.
  • Work culture.
  • Full or partial project management.
  • Relationship with the seller.
  • Internal IT policy.
  • Start of cooperation.
  • Insights and knowledge.

Both methods have their own applications, but, as practice shows, outsourcing can bring more benefits.

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