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Text Message Voicemail Scam {Aug} Know All About It!


Text Message Voicemail Scam {Aug} Know All About It! >> This post has information related to scam which is troubling many online users and it also contains steps to avoid these frauds.

The rise in the number of online user has opened up new avenues for people working in digital industry and it’s a good sign for the economy as a whole. Though it’s a welcome sign for everyone but incidents of Text Message Voicemail Scam has increased in countries like Australia and United Kingdom.

According to some media reports around 60 per cent of people in England have received these scam message and authorities has warned that scammers are operating on large scale to target citizens.

Modus operandi of voicemail scams:

These voicemail scams are done by sending SMS message to the concerned person and they are asked to click on the link to hear voicemail. When people click on the link they are taken to a website, where they are asked to fill the form for getting more information.

Text Message Voicemail Scam are new way of targeting innocent online customers. A middle aged man lost euros, when he unknowingly clicked on the SMS link to hear the voicemail.

The message scam works in following ways:

  1. A SMS message will come on mobile of user.
  2. It will ask them to click on link to hear message from concerned services.
  3. Click on link will take user to website or in some cases a malware or app will get installed on device.
  4. Website will ask for user personal details.
  5. Once app is installed scammers take control of all the information on user’s device.

How to avoid Text Message Voicemail Scam:

One cannot stop the voicemail SMS message on the device but some steps can be taken to avoid the scam and damage which can happen if user gets into the trap of scammers.

Some steps are listed below which can be taken by user after receiving the message:

  1. Do not click on the link, which message prompt you to do.
  2. If you are asked to install any app never do it as it may transfer your bank account information and password to scammers.
  3. Take the screenshot of the message and mail to, if possible they may block the link.

What to do if app from Text Message Voicemail Scam get installed on device:

The malware or app from this voicemail messages can be a big threat for internet user as they have the capacity to send ones bank information and other details to scammers, it may also send message to user contacts.

If unknowingly app get installed on your device, one can follow these steps to avoid further damage:

  1. Try to reset the device to factory setting.
  2. Enable the backup before doing it otherwise data may be lost.
  3. One can also start mobile in the safe mode and delete the fake app.
  4. Try to change all the important password to stay safe.

Final verdict:

Text Message Voicemail Scam is a new threat to many of the online user and its always safe to remain alert and don’t fall in the trap of the scammers. One should also try to generate awareness among the people and report the incident to concerned authority for stopping this menace.

People receiving these kind of scam messages can share their individual incident in the comment section and give their opinion about the post below. To know more about voicemail scam read it here.

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