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This post on Write for Us Education will explain all the important facts and figures related to the guest post of our company.

Do you have knowledge about education? Do you want to become a blogger? If yes, then this article is for you. Our company allow writers and bloggers who want to express their views and opinions through an article or write up. This post on Write for Us Education will explain all the important details related to the terms and conditions of our website, so we suggest all the keen readers to read this post till the end.

Prologue of our website

We are a group of dedicated writers and bloggers working for the main purpose of providing quality content through our articles. Our work has been recognized globally for the authenticity and simplicity. Many professionals have appreciated our articles and have provided positive feedback. Any blogger who want their articles to reach at global level should consider writing to us. We are a perfect destination for all types of articles and blogs. 

Instructions for Write for Us + Education

Instructions are a set of rules and regulations that our company follows during writing articles. These instructions are mandatory and we expect all the bloggers to consider them. Writers should make sure that they do not skip or ignore any of the guidelines. Ignoring the guidelines can lead to cancellation of the article. The following are some of the important guidelines required for writing for us. 

  • Maintain word limit: We publish our articles in a word limit of 500 to 1000 words. Writers should use the word limit accordingly for Education Write for Us.
  • Check spelling errors: Spelling and grammatical errors can make article look unprofessional. So, we advise the writers to use grammar checking tools to check the grammar of the article. Writers should also make sure that the grammar score of the article is more than 98.
  • Avoid piracy: Piracy or plagiarism occurs when a content or article is copied exactly from another article. Writers should always make sure to avoid copying content from other articles as this could lead to cancellation of the article. Bloggers should use some plagiarism checking tools to make sure that there is no plagiarism in the content.
  • Use verified data for Write for Us Education: A good writer should always deliver true and authentic data to the audience. Our website is known for delivering the most authentic data, so we suggest all the writers to check and verify the content thoroughly before sending it to us. Also, writers should not make up their own data or try to manipulate some details.
  • Make use of keywords: Keywords are very necessary while writing the articles. We suggest bloggers to use good quality keywords in their articles. Keywords are mostly used after a word gap of 90 to 110.
  • Make articles simple and easy: We focus on making our articles readable for all people. Hence, we advise readers to make the articles on Write for Us Education easy to read and understand so that everyone can gain knowledge through the articles. So, we suggest readers to use uncomplicated words in their articles.
  • Don’t use harsh words: The main purpose of writing article is to make the reader happy and satisfied. For this purpose, we suggest writers to use some polite words towards the readers. Writers should make sure that they do not use any words which can be harm the sentiments of the readers.

Suggested topics for Write for Us Education 

Writers are free to choose any topic of their choice but we are providing some topics for the new readers who are searching for inspiration. The following are some suggested topics:

  • What is the biggest problem in education nowadays?
  • What is the importance of education?
  • How is education helpful in improving the quality of life?
  • What are the different aspects of education?
  • How does education help in developing skills?

Qualifications required 

Our company does not require a lot of qualifications or skills. However, we want our writers to be good in English as our articles are published in English. Also, people with good writing skills and techniques are most welcomed for Write for Us Education. Besides this, we want our writers to have some research skills so that they can identify between the useful and useless information. Besides this, we do not require any further skills in our website.

How to send articles to us?

It is absolutely trouble free to send the articles to us. Writers just have to send their content to our EMAIL ADDRESS info@indywood.org. After that, we will check all the errors in the article and then will respond shortly about the status of the article.


To conclude this post on Write for Us Education, we have explained all the terms and conditions in this article. For further information, writers can easily contact us through our website. Please visit this link to learn more about education 

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